YRKKH Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update

YRKKH written update, In this episode, Armaan grapples with family dynamics and Ruhi’s confrontations about her close relations, while the Poddars celebrate Aryan’s victory amidst tensions and revelations about Manish’s health and Abhira’s intentions. Emotional conflicts arise as Suwarna confronts Armaan about his past promises, causing turmoil within the family. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 9th January 2024 written episode update is here.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode opens with Armaan lost in thought, reminiscing about Dadi and Ruhi’s words. He observes his family’s happiness from a distance. Meanwhile, Manish is engrossed in watching Aryan’s hockey match. He notes that Kaveri and her family have gone to witness the match, while Armaan, Abhira, and Ruhi appear isolated despite being surrounded by their large family. Suwarna expresses her confidence in the Poddar family’s support for Ruhi, ensuring she never feels alone. However, Manish is worried about the possibility of the family falling apart and Ruhi feeling lonely.

The Poddars return home jubilant, celebrating Aryan’s victory and his trophy with a dance to the tune of “Yeh Zindagi.” Amidst the joy, Armaan is haunted by Abhira’s words. He and Abhira engage in playful banter, which leads to a moment of gratitude and teasing. Their light-hearted interaction is interrupted when Abhira is inadvertently pushed towards Armaan, and Ruhi, observing them, notices an incoming call from Manish on Abhira’s phone. Ruhi confronts Abhira angrily, accusing her of lying and demanding to know why she is getting close to Manish.

Abhira is left speechless, recalling Manish’s words. Ruhi and Manisha press her for answers. Vidya steps in, empathizing with Abhira’s loneliness since her mother’s passing but questions her intentions with Ruhi’s family. The situation escalates when Manoj reveals that Manish had a heart attack but is now stable, information that Abhira had kept from Ruhi to spare her worry. Hearing this, Ruhi rushes to see Manish, followed by Abhira and Armaan.

At Manish’s house, Ruhi is relieved to find him well but scolds him for not taking care of his health. Manish comforts Ruhi, asking her to smile and not worry. Meanwhile, Abhira, overcome with emotion, stands at the doorway, unseen. Manish senses her presence, but Suwarna’s attention is caught by Armaan.

Suwarna confronts Armaan, accusing him of breaking his promise to Ruhi and causing her pain by remarrying. She holds him responsible for the turmoil in their lives, including that of Ruhi, Rohit, and Abhira. As Armaan watches Ruhi in tears, a poignant song plays in the background. In a car ride later, Ruhi, sitting in the backseat, and Abhira, in the front, are both in tears, with Armaan silently offering them tissues.

Back at the house, the family is in a heated discussion about Ruhi’s future and her attachment to Rohit, who is not present. Aryan supports Abhira’s actions, but the family is divided. Manish expresses concern about Ruhi’s wellbeing and her future, insisting on making decisions for her while he is still alive.

The episode ends with Armaan recalling Suwarna’s harsh words. He notices Abhira coughing and sneezing and moves to help her, only to see Ruhi also coughing, leaving him torn between the two.

YRKKH Written Update