YRKKH Written Update | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai 7th January Written Update

YRKKH written update, this episode is going to be more dramatic and entertaining, where Abhira rushes to meet Manish. YRKKH written updates are below.

Ruhi’s Reflection and Manisha’s Shopping:

The episode opens with Ruhi deeply engrossed in thoughts about Rohit. Concurrently, Manisha sets out for a shopping trip.

Confrontation and Defense:

The scene swiftly transitions to a public setting where Ruhi faces harsh taunts from some women. Armaan observes this from a distance. Meanwhile, a collision between Sanjay and Krish leads to a heated exchange. Sanjay criticizes Krish for not stepping into Rohit’s shoes professionally and even suggests that he could outdo Armaan. However, Krish expresses his unwavering admiration for his elder brothers.

Kajal’s Intervention:

Amidst the confrontation, Kajal steps in to defend Krish’s reverence for Armaan and Rohit, comparing them to the legendary brothers Ram and Laxman. Despite Sanjay’s continued provocations, Kajal stands firm, highlighting Krish’s apprehensions.

Armaan Stands Up for Ruhi:

Back with Ruhi and the taunting women, Armaan steps in to defend her. Manisha, upon her return, apologizes for the women’s behavior. This incident leaves Ruhi deeply upset.

Dadi’s Dilemma:

The focus then shifts to Dadi, who contemplates the guest list for the upcoming puja. She weighs her options among various family pairings.

Armaan and Abhira’s Preparations

As Armaan and Abhira get ready for the puja, they discuss the doctor’s report and their earlier encounter in the market. Despite the superficial nature of their relationship, a genuine concern from Abhira is evident.

A Moment of Connection

In a lighter moment, Armaan assists Abhira with her saree, leading to playful banter. Ruhi observes their interaction, feeling isolated in the large family but hopeful for a more profound connection.

Manish’s Health Scare

The episode takes a dramatic turn with Manish suffering a heart attack. Suwarna and Surekha’s immediate response and a call for medical help create a tense atmosphere.

The Rush to Aid Manish

Armaan and Abhira, upon hearing of Manish’s condition, quickly make their way to assist him. The doctor confirms a mild heart attack and emphasizes the importance of keeping Manish in high spirits.

Emotional Reunion and Promise

In a moving scene, Abhira’s presence visibly cheers Manish, despite the family’s disapproval. Manish’s affection for Ruhi is palpable, and he makes Abhira promise to keep his condition from Ruhi.

Puja Preparations and Conflict

As the episode nears its end, the preparations for the puja are overshadowed by Dadi’s anger towards Armaan and Abhira for their earlier absence. She sternly prohibits them from participating in the puja, marking a line of separation.

The episode concludes with a mix of emotions, from the tenderness of family bonds to the complexities of interpersonal relationships and unresolved tensions.