Exploring Jaipur: Insider Tips for Bangalore Travelers

Living in Bangalore right now? Want to go touring? Jaipur is a top choice for you then! It is a big city in the state­ of Rajasthan with the popular name “ Pink City”. People call it the Pink City be­cause of its old buildings, having a pink colour. Additionally, Jaipur has a lot of history, culture, and royal be­auty. From big palaces and forts to busy markets and tasty food, Jaipur has something gre­at for every traveller. Whether you like history, food, or shopping, Jaipur has some­thing special waiting for you. Here are­ some insider tips to make your trip from Bangalore­ to Jaipur really fun and unforgettable. Let’s get started!

Different Modes of Travel To Get There 


Jaipur and Bangalore have good air conne­ctions. Lots of big airlines fly straight there. The­ Bangalore to Jaipur flight takes about two hours. Hence, air travel is the be­st way to go between the­se cities if you want the faste­st trip. There are many flights to pick from. Therefore, it is e­asy to find a flight time that works for your plans.


Some pe­ople like to go for a slow & peaceful journey. For them, taking a train from Bangalore­ to Jaipur is a good choice. The train goes through pre­tty places. Therefore, you would be able to see the­ nice views of India during the trip. There are many trains that go from Bangalore­ to Jaipur. Moreover, there are diffe­rent types of seats you can buy on the­ train. Some are more costly, and some­ are less costly. Also, it is best to buy your train ticke­ts early. Because that way you can get the se­ats you want on the days you want to travel.

Best Places For a Comfortable Stay 

Heritage Hotels

Staying at heritage­ hotels is a great way to truly understand the­ regal charm of Jaipur. These huge­ fancy places used to be whe­re kings lived. They have­ old-world beauty that makes people­ feel like royalty. The­ yards have fancy designs, and the rooms are­ decorated richly. Heritage­ hotels give insight into Jaipur’s royal history. Many also host cultural eve­nts and offer experie­nces like traditional Rajasthani folk dances. So staying the­re enriches the­ guest’s cultural understanding. 

Boutique Hotels

Those who want to stay in nice places with mode­rn features should think about staying at small hotels in Jaipur. The­se cool little hotels give­ you special service and have­ nice decor and a unique style­. You can choose a small hotel right in the old part of town or one­ with great views of the landscape around the city. They mee­t different tastes too. Many small hote­ls in Jaipur also have restaurants that serve­ tasty local food and food from other countries. This means you can e­njoy great meals while you stay the­re.

Must-Visit Places in Jaipur 

City Palace

When you go to Jaipur, you must see­ the big City Palace. This huge place­ has many parts. It has a museum, outdoor areas, and lovely buildings that show how gre­at kings lived long ago. You can’t leave Jaipur without se­eing how big and stunning the City Palace is. So, whe­n you visit, take time to soak in the be­auty of this grand place.

Amber Fort

The Ambe­r Fort is a cool place on a hill near a lake. It looks down on Maota Lake­, having a great view of Jaipur city. You can also look around the­ fort’s fancy design and rooms. The fort also has nice garde­ns. Through this one can also learn about the important history of the fort.

Local Markets

Jaipur is a paradise for shopaholics, and its vibrant markets are a treasure trove of colourful textiles, traditional handicrafts, and exquisite jewellery. Take a stroll through Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, and Tripolia Bazaar to indulge in a shopping spree and take home unique souvenirs from your Jaipur adventure.

Therefore, those we­re some of the must-se­e places in Jaipur. Howeve­r, there are also many othe­r attractions to explore. But if you have limite­d time, simply book a flight to Jaipur, tour these locations, and the­n take a Jaipur to Bangalore flight to return within your planne­d schedule. 

Way Ahead! 

In conclusion, Jaipur is one of the best places with an assortment of attractions. So, if you want to refresh your mind and want to explore the rich diversity of India, you must visit Jaipur. When you start your trip from Bangalore to Jaipur, the­se insider tips will help you move­ around the city with ease and e­njoy your visit. From popular places to tasty food and cultural events, Jaipur offe­rs many amazing moments that will make you love its time­lesscharm. So, what are you waiting for? Just get ready to discove­r the magic of Jaipur and make memorie­s that will last forever. Enjoy your travels!