What is the distinction between eDistrict UP and the Apna Khata Rajasthan Scheme?

What is eDistrict UP Scheme?

By using Citizen Assistance Centers (CSCs), eDistrict UP plans on providing quick and efficient service to the people while also cuts down on administrative burdens. A single location serves as a hub for a variety of services provided by various divisions. All 75 districts in the state of UP have implemented the initiative. Additionally, some of the offerings are accessible via an online portal. In order to facilitate the supply of services, it uses backend computerization, which ensures transparency for efficient and successful service delivery. A state unit of the National Informatics Center UP is responsible for developing and coordinating the complete online application. Government of India’s pioneering Digital Locker programme is also integrated with eDistrict certificates.


The following are the primary goals of this initiative in Uttar Pradesh.

  • So that customers can use key services without experiencing any problems or delays.
  • The national government’s goal of digitization is also aided by making all services available online.
  • It also improves the efficiency of the several departments in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Each level of a district should be served, including the village level.

Benefits of Reducing waste by doing away with unnecessary paperwork.

  • Citizens can now apply for virtually every government service online.
  • A smartphone or citizen service center can be used to complete all work without having to go to the department’s office.
  • The key advantage of this project is that it provides a large number of citizen service centers so that people can go to the one that is nearest to them. A common service center (CSC) now exists even in the smallest towns and cities.

What is Apna Khata Rajasthan Scheme?

In an effort to modernize and computerize the current land records system in Rajasthan, Apna Khata Rajasthan has launched a portal. Revenue Board, Rajasthan Govt. maintains the portal. Digital India Land Records Modernization Program, the umbrella organization for the initiative, was responsible for its inception. The Rajasthan eDharti Apna Khata portal intends to develop a complete and open management system to access land records efficiently and digitally in order to strengthen the revenue administration.


  • EDharti Apna Khata in Rajasthan’s major goal is to make land records available online. In order to access their land records, residents of the state need just go to one of the District Data Centers. As a result, the system becomes more transparent.
  • The portal saves the beneficiaries time and effort by allowing them to view their land-related paperwork. The portal will aid in the computerization of land records. The state of Rajasthan’s digitalization and modernization will therefore be boosted.

Benefits of Rajasthan eDharti

  • By making it easy for residents of Rajasthan state to access their own land records, the portal was welcomed by the people of the state. There are numerous advantages to opening a portal, including the following:
  • You can get everything you need about Rajasthan’s land records online. 
  • The recipients can save time and money.
  • No notary office is required for residents to claim their land records.
  • The portal helped to increase the system’s level of openness and accountability.