Top Mistakes You Should Not Make When Preparing for NEET Exam 

There are numerous types of study tips for NEET like best methods, practices and preparation strategy. But you know what, while you pay attention to the tips and strategies; you should be aware of mistakes too. You should also know about the mistakes that most of the candidates do make when they sit in the NEET exam.  Whether you are preparing for this exam yourself or you have joined up a good neet course or anything; mistakes are always there that you may end up making.

So, this post is going to get you through the top mistakes that you should avoid when preparing for the crucial exam of NEET. So, once you know about the things that you should avoid when preparing for this exam, you can be sure that you don’t make them. And undoubtedly, the absence of any sort of mistakes is a good performance.

Avoid Inconsistency and Procrastination

Procrastination is definitely a lazy habit; you don’t need really this in NEET preparation. Finishing homework and even assignments on time is a powerful habit that helps in achieving your goal. Make sure that you do stay consistent. Stick to your study schedule and even plan. Getting stuck is sometimes fine. Staying stuck is not really the right thing. It is time that you do something and keep yourself attentive and steady.

Studying needless stuff

When preparing for the exam of NEET, students start to read from many different books (at times much higher level) thinking that will help them but it is unfortunately another mistake that they must avoid. Reading unnecessary stuff just not makes your prep and study hard but even create confusion and distract you from the stuff that you really learn. Sometimes reading unnecessary stuff just led you to depression.  So, make sure that you don’t end up making any sort of such an error. You should have proper material in hand that you should use for your prep.  Don’t simply overburden yourself with unnecessary stuff for your prep.  If you have proper material with you and you are dedicatedly preparing from that, it would get you great results. But on the other hand, if you have manifold resources and pots of material and you are studying them all; it could make you feel confused and really hamper your effectivity. So, don’t make this silly error.

Multitasking would not take you anywhere 

Make sure that you don’t study while you are simply watching television, getting sleepy, or even thinking something else not related to your overall NEET preparation. Make sure that whenever you are studying or preparing for your exam, you have your entire concentration on the study. You cannot simply think about multiple things at the same time. If you are studying and simultaneously watching a program or show; it could hamper your effectivity for sure. It would be like you are doing a formality of studying and nothing more to that. So, the best deal would be if you pay hundred percent attention to your study only and nothing else is going on simultaneously.

Missing out on flexibility in studies

Ideally your time table must cover all the subjects but at times when your mind says it’s sufficient to study a subject for the day, then it’s quite fine to move on to another subject. The adjustment is definitely fine as long as you are finishing regular work and assignment. The point is if you have decided that you would do this or that much of study in a day and cover this or that concepts; and you have done that; that is sufficient. You should not simply drag your boundaries. You need to be attentive and concentrating about your preparation and for that; it gets important that you stay flexible with your prep. Once you have done the tasks for the day; no need to force anything on you.

Listening to everyone 

Now, if you are preparing for your NEET exam and you are going well, that is great. But if you are simply listening to everyone about their ways of studying, the material they are using and more; you could be doing no good to yourself. The point is when you prepare for any crucial exam like NEET, you need to have your own way of studying. If you start listening to other students or friends how they are studying and you try to follow them all; you may end up making a mistake. Come on, people are there who do studying at night and then there are people who study in the morning. There are candidates who love to study different concepts in a single day and there are also people who tend to focus on only one concept in a day. So, the point is there is variety in the ways that people prepare for the exam.

Avoid negativity 

One important thing that you cannot simply miss on is negativity. You have to be sure that you don’t get negative when you prepare for the exam. You cannot allow negative thoughts, views or people entering your preparation. If there is something that is activating negative thoughts in your mind, make sure that you avoid that. You cannot simply afford to be negative during the time when you prepare for your NEET exam. The point is, negativity can hamper your effectivity and credibility without you even knowing about it. Also, it makes you feel exhausted without doing anything.

On the other hand, if you stay positive consciously, you can find yourself more focused, less distracted. You would also find effectivity in your study with a positive mindset. If you find that a specific thing, a person or some situation makes you feel positive, make the most of it. For example, if you feel that sitting in your yard and studying makes you feel positive, go for it. The point is you have to stay positive when you are preparing and performing the NEET test.


To sum up, you can check out the best place for preparation of neet and ensure that you don’t make any of the mistakes the post discussed. The more you are staying vigilant about the mistakes, the better you get to prep.