Tips to Stay Updated with Share Market Trends

Share markets have aspirational value. Gen-Z and Millenials have a different take on the share market than Gen-X and the Boomers. The earlier generations view the markets as risky and a gamble; however, Gen-Z takes pride in the DIY culture of investments. 

We’ve all read those stories once in a while about how somebody’s invested in the share market, in particular shares long ago and is now worth a significant sum. Well, that’s not just a stroke of luck. It highlights the importance of making smart choices and planning ahead—this starts by staying updated on market trends and understanding the companies you invest in.

Here are ways in which you can stay updated with share market trends in 2024: 

  1. Follow SGX Nifty: This is an index that helps you track the sentiment of Indian Markets. You can get an update about SGX Nifty by 8:30 AM IST each day. These updates give you an idea of how the markets will behave when they open. 


  1. News media: Stay apprised of the news media in the relevant space, including TV channels like CNBC, ZEE Business, NDTV Profit, and more. Download relevant apps to stay updated with finance news for better updates and decision-making in the share market. 


  1. Industry reports: More than reading, watching the news is required. Industry reports from leading brokerage houses like Motilal Oswal or financial services companies are also important. These industry reports mention the state of a particular sector, the investments made by retail and institutional investors (FII), the kind of cash flows the industry has seen, market demand and supply, and global issues that can cause fluctuations and much more. 


  1. Stay updated with Government Economic policies: Following the government’s economic and other policy decisions will help you make informed decisions about both long-term and short-term investing in the share market. This lets you stay on top of what companies can benefit from specific infrastructure projects PLI Schemes, or how FDI invitations and JVs with foreign players can help some companies. 


  1. Listen to podcasts: Podcasts are a great medium for consuming a lot of information. They are not as formal as interviews but are informal and conversational in nature. Listen to those podcasts and the expert guests invited to understand the state of the market. Some of the best examples are Capitalmind Podcast, Anupam Gupta’s Podcast, and many more. 


  1. Set alerts: Search alerts and social listening help you make better financial decisions. They keep you updated on the latest affairs, are instant, and keep you proactive. Investing in the share market can also help you set alerts for your shares. You can set alerts for a price rise or a price fall. This will help you set up an order to sell to book a profit or let you activate your stop loss to make better decisions. 

The article shows how to stay updated with market trends in 2024. These tips will help you make informed investment decisions and navigate the market more effectively, blending traditional insights with modern tools.