Tips for choosing timeless jewellery

Most people, especially women, love to shop for jewellery. The feeling of holding a brand new, bright piece of jewellery, which has been crafted carefully into a pretty necklace, bracelet, or ring, is priceless. However, owning an exclusive piece of jewellery will be of no worth if it is bought only to be stored in the jewellery box and not worn. It is made for being shown off! For this reason, choosing timeless jewellery pieces wisely is significant rather than making an impulsive purchase based on the feel-good aspect.

Timeless Jewellery- What is it?

Timeless jewellery essentially is jewellery pieces that never go out of style and can be worn time and again, regardless of what the event or occasion is. Whether it is a gold chain you wear regularly or a diamond ring you wear only for special occasions, a timeless piece of jewellery always offers a stylish, high-quality option.

5 Timeless Jewellery Pieces Every Women Should Own:

  1. Torque Bangles
  2. Charm Bracelet
  3. Diamond ring
  4. Elegant gold chain
  5. Sophisticated gold hoop earrings 

So, if you plan to update your jewellery drawer or box, continue reading to know a few important tips for choosing or buying timeless jewellery.

  • Consider Quality and not Quantity:

Speaking of jewellery, you are better off spending on a superior-quality piece that would last a lifetime instead of choosing cheaper options just to stock up your vanity. For instance, avoid sterling silver or gold-plated pieces and up your game with pure gold jewellery. 22k and 18k gold jewellery pieces are more durable and can last longer than gold-plated jewellery.

If you are a diamond person, it is essential to understand how the diamond’s worth is measured. For example, natural solitaire diamond price is higher than a diamond that’s lab-grown because of its authenticity and rarity. 

  • Know your Personal Style:

Buying timeless jewellery wouldn’t mean anything if you don’t wear them enough. Therefore, before you begin your shopping spree, you must understand your personal style as well as the kind of jewellery you’d love to wear. 

For instance, while a pretty diamond ring may be timeless and classic, you will not have as many reasons to wear it if you don’t dress up often. Instead of being a great investment, this timeless ring will stay treasured in your jewellery box and gather dust. Hence, choose pieces that you’d see yourself wearing often. While considering your style, think of the classic jewellery pieces that will continue to stay popular year after year.

  • Keep it Simple:

Choosing jewellery pieces that are too fancy isn’t a good idea. To begin, it could be challenging to style. Jewellery in bold patterns and colors might not match most items in your wardrobe. To ensure that you continue wearing those jewellery pieces for years to come, you will have to update your closet continuously, which might not be feasible.  

Besides, bold, glitzy jewellery is also likely to go out of trend. Hence, a great way to stay away from such mishaps is to buy simple jewellery pieces. Buy jewellery that can be paired with your wardrobe and look good as a whole ensemble.

Stud or hoop earrings, plain cuff bracelets, and band rings are a few timeless jewellery pieces that’ll always stay in trend. Moreover, you can wear them with a simple daytime outfit or a blingy dress for a fun night out. 

Where to Buy Timeless Pieces of Jewellery? 

Now that you know the tips to buy timeless jewellery, it is time to explore the various options and shop. However, you cannot buy such jewellery from anywhere. To ensure that you invest in premium-quality, truly timeless jewellery, you need to choose an established jeweller, who specializes in making stunning fine jewellery with certain reassurances. That will help clear any doubts when buying a timeless jewellery piece.