The craziest bets in casinos 

In the casinos, it is easy to place some crazy bets when you are feeling more flush, and can you imagine being a billion – or a millionaire – these kinds of people really do place the craziest bets in casinos – click to view now.

All or nothing 

For better or worse, we all get those grand ideas in the pub, and this one is no different. Starting there, you will be forgiven for thinking this might be among the more negative stories out there. However, in 2004 a Brit called Ashley Revel made his name in the newspapers across the globe when he told them he was selling everything he has to place a single bet on roulette. 

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So, according to the stories, he sold his BMW, a Rolex watch, all of his clothes and possessions and even his golf clubs. In Plaza Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, he brought with him $135,000 and a Sky One TV crew which caught the event on camera for a mini reality show, where voters decides he should place all his life savings and the money he made selling everything on red – which he did. He then walked away with $270,000 dollars, and as a winner. 

Life saver 

Chris Boyd, a computer programmer from the UK, started a savings account with the aim in mind that all of the money from it will go on a single bet on the roulette wheel. So, after three years of saving he managed to garner $220,000 for the big day. In the end, he went to Las Vegas and managed to convince Binion’s Horseshoe Casino to make an exception this one time on their rule of $100,000 maximum bet. 

One of the craziest bets in the casino, Boyd put it all on red on the European roulette wheel and got a red seven (a lucky coincidence, as that is what got Revell his win too). In the end, this man left with $440,000 and never placed a bet again as he stated he would not if he won, as he already had enough luck. 

Nine lives poker game 

A hustler from a young age after growing up in poverty, Greek national Archie Karas started a new life in America after working a cruise ship which in the end, led him to a new life. As a kid, his money hustling stints including placing bets on marble games for money, giving him a love for the gambling game from a young age. 

In America, he started getting money by being a pool shark and moving on to playing poker. During this time in LA, Karas made an amount close to $2 million  – then lost it. Having found himself with just $50 to his name, he refused to go back to the poverty line and got one of his friends from the LA life to lend him a generous $10,000. 

He put it all on different high stakes bets on Razz poker, turning the $10,000 to $30,000 and repaying his debts and using the rest of the win to play high stakes craps and pool. In three months of heading to LA with $50, he ended up with $7 million and the title of the greatest gambler ever. Although this is certainly the craziest bet in the casino.