Steel Design Courses Online – What Can You Learn?

Students interested in learning about industrial structure modelling, design, and analysis can enrol in the Steel Design Course Online – What Can You Learn? To understand more. The course is based on knowledge and learning components in steel structures, technical projects, and industry-relevant software solutions.

Who Can Enrol In The Course?

This course is appropriate for you if you want to launch your career in structural engineering, focusing on industrial structures. The prerequisite is that you must be studying civil engineering or have a background in a similar field.

If you want to develop a specialised profession in this subject and are interested in taking any advanced courses in the same field, taking this course is also appropriate for you.

What Will You Discover?

You may learn a lot from this online course on structural steel design and steel connections. The study puts various civil engineering skills at the forefront for you. The following are only a few of the course’s key subjects:

Industrial building fundamentals


  1. STAAD Pro, pipe rack architectures, and PEB are introduced.
  2. The fundamentals of STAAD Pro’s foundation.
  3. Creating a pedestal.
  4. The foundation and base plate.
  5. Designing joins with bolts and welds.
  6. The practical application of tools in the design and development of steel connections.
  7. Structural response to lateral loads and gravity.
  8. Calculations of the wind and earthquake loads.


Several technical concepts are also covered in the course, such as P-Delta analysis, guidelines for developing composite structures, ETABS modelling, deck slab systems, pre-engineered steel building designs, AISC and MBMA regulations, and manufacturing facilities, power plants, and data analysis centres.

During the course, you will also learn about utility structures like tanks and pump houses and the National Building Code. You will be able to evaluate your skills and gain a practical perspective on the course’s principles by working on specific projects throughout the semester.

Skills To Acquire:

You will gain various technical skills centred on comprehending composite structures by finishing this online course on the design of steel structures. In addition to teaching you how to build an open pipe rack and develop models with a portal frame, the study also expands your knowledge of numerous design techniques.

Main points of the course:

  1. The course lasts for an entire year.
  2. After the course, you’ll be qualified to get a certificate of completion.
  3. You gain information and skills about numerous steel structures during the course.
  4. You will pick up the knowledge and abilities needed in the workplace.

Career Possibilities Upon Completing The Course:

After completing Skill-Post Lync’s Graduate Program in Steel Structures, you’ll be qualified for various engineering, architecture, and designing positions.

Your understanding of steel structures will be required for various positions, including those of a civil engineer, structural modeller, design engineer, and structural detailer. 

Pro for steel structure design and analysis. You’ll be working on assigned projects and seeing them finished within predetermined deadlines. You can also embark on design engineering projects, where you’ll need to use your ETABS and STAAD skills.


You must complete activities like BIM modelling, structural engineering, structure strength calculations, and structural dynamics analysis. These profiles offer plenty of opportunities to climb the career ladder and grow, giving you a solid foundation for your future.