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When travelling, people look forward to immersing themselves in new experiences of the local traditions. Moreover, local festivals are the perfect opportunity to explore the depths of a place’s culture. Maldives is a destination that oozes culture, history and traditions during its celebrations. This holiday season, embrace crystal-clear turquoise water, pristine white sandy beaches, and the vibrant Maldivian culture. Get set for a festive fiesta in the Maldives in 2024 with your trusted travel companion, IndiGo. Discover the rich traditions and celebrations that make the Maldives a cultural gem. As you board the flight to Maldives, get ready to immerse yourself in the warmth of the local festivals that define the Maldivian experience.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill holiday – it’s a festive journey with a daily celebration. You won’t just be a tourist. You’ll be a festive explorer, unravelling the traditions and rich tapestry of the Maldivian way of life.

Famous Festivals Celebrated in Maldives

Since Maldives is a Muslim country, a majority of its festivals are based on Islam. The most significant festivals of this place are Ramadan and Eid. So, whether you are taking a Delhi to Maldives flight or a Mumbai to Maldives flight, consider these top 9 festivals when booking your ticket:

  • Ramadan 

Ramadan in the Maldives is extraordinary. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar brings fasting, prayer, and reflection. Government offices open from 9 am to 1.30 pm, private workplaces close around 3 pm, but hotels and resorts operate as usual. Many restaurants offer special Iftar (evening meals for breaking the fast). You can try some Ramadan special juices in exotic rose, apricot, and kamardine flavours. The Ramadan celebration involves cultural activities like performances by music bands, belly dancers and fire dancers. For those seeking a distinctive cultural experience, Ramadan in the Maldives offers a blend of spiritual reflection and festive vibrancy. Immerse yourself in the live performances, taste the unique culinary offerings, and witness the Maldives in a different light during this auspicious month.

  • Eid-al-Fitr

This festival marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. It is a day of celebration that begins with a special prayer known as the Salat al-Fitr, performed in the congregation after sunrise. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in the Maldives. The celebrations in the Maldives, as in many other Muslim-majority countries, include a combination of religious rituals, festive meals, and social gatherings. Charity and acts of kindness are significant during Eid al-Fitr. It is customary for Muslims to give to the less fortunate by providing food, clothing, or financial assistance. This charitable giving is known as Zakat al-Fitr, and it is meant to purify those who fast from any indecent act or speech and to help the poor and needy. Special meals and feasts are prepared for Eid, often featuring traditional Maldivian dishes and sweets. Families come together to share these festive meals, and it’s common for people to invite friends and neighbours to join in the celebrations.

  • Fisherman’s day

During the Fisherman’s Day festival, Maldives showers honour and recognition to its fishing communities. The festival is celebrated on the 10th of December, so if you want to be a part of this unique festival, visit the Maldives during the first week of December. You will witness several events offering tribute to fishermen contributing significantly to the Maldives’ economy. Fisherman’s Day provides a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of Maldivian culture. Witnessing the boat races, exploring the lively fish markets, and engaging with locals offer a glimpse into the island nation’s identity. The celebration goes beyond the surface, allowing travellers to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between the Maldivian people and the vast Indian Ocean. The coastal communities come alive with energy, showcasing their love for the sea and the art of fishing. Fish markets bustle with activity, offering a firsthand experience of seafood’s vital role in the Maldivian way of life.

  • Maldives Republic Day

On the 11th of November, Maldives celebrates its Republic Day, marking the shift from Sultanate rule to a republic in 1968. Enjoy parades and speeches, and indulge in special Republic Day treats like bodibaiy, huni hakuru folhi, and masroshi. The day starts with flag hoisting, creating a patriotic vibe. Various events held at government offices, schools, and streets showcase Maldivian culture and achievements. Don’t miss the rhythmic “Bodu Beru” drumming performances, a captivating spectacle of cultural richness. Join locals in traditional attire for a vibrant celebration that resonates with the spirit of the Maldives.

  • Prophet Mujammad’s birthday

Mawlid un-Nabi, celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s birth, is a time of joy and generosity. People come together to share food and donate money to those in need. Mosques light up with decorations, and families invite friends to enjoy tasty dishes made for the occasion. If you plan your holiday during Mawlid, you’re in for a treat! During community gatherings, scholars and poets share stories about the life of Muhammad through Sufi poems. It’s a beautiful way to learn and appreciate the teachings of the Prophet in a festive atmosphere. So, if you want a unique and cultural experience, consider booking your holiday during Mawlid un-Nabi and join in the joyous celebrations in the Maldives.

  • Kuda Eid

Kuda Eid, also known as Eid-ul Fitr, marks the end of Ramadan and is a momentous occasion celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Maldives. The festivities commence with the sighting of the new moon, signalling the arrival of the first day of the month of Shawaal in the Islamic calendar. Maldivians celebrate Kuda Eid primarily with family and relatives. The day begins with a special morning prayer, followed by a sermon at the mosque, reflecting the spiritual significance of the occasion. A noteworthy aspect of Kuda Eid is the tradition of giving back to the community through donating Fitr Zakath, a form of charity to assist the less fortunate. For those seeking a cultural immersion and a chance to celebrate in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty, visiting the Maldives during Kuda Eid is a rewarding experience.

  • Bodu Eid

Eid ul Adha in the Maldives, known as Bodu Eid, holds special significance linked to the annual pilgrimage of Hajj to Mecca. The festival is celebrated on the day of Eid after the Hajj. It’s a vital religious observance for Muslims, a journey they undertake at least once in their lifetime. On many Maldivian islands, Bodu Eid is uniquely celebrated as Bodu Mas. Islanders gather for the Bodu Mas celebration, where fishermen skillfully weave palm leaves to craft a large symbolic fish. This tradition traces back to an ancient story about a giant fish (Modu) and Maali (ghosts) emerging from the sea. Villagers, aided by a holy man, captured the fish after a challenging struggle. The festival includes Maali neshun, a captivating dance performed by locals dressed as ghosts, vividly painted and adorned. This dance, famous across the Maldives, adds a lively and cultural touch to the Bodu Mas celebration.

  • National Day of Maldives

Qaumee Dhuvas, the National Day of Maldives, marks the triumph when a local uprising pushed the colonial Portuguese out. In 1558, the Portuguese arrived, dethroned the local sultan, and seized control. In 1573, Muhammad Thakurufaanu and his forces reclaimed Male, ending the 15-year Portuguese rule. Despite this victory, later colonisation was followed by the Dutch and the British. Feel the national pride with dynamic military parades and the stirring moments of flag-raising ceremonies during Maldives’ National Day.

  • New Year celebrations

The new year in the Maldives is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. The country comes alive in this celebration with decorations like beautiful fireworks and lights. The main attractions in Maldives during this time will be beach parties, fireworks displays, and special dinners. Escape the hustle and bustle of crowded city celebrations. The Maldives offers the luxury of private retreats, ensuring an intimate celebration with your loved ones or a romantic getaway with your significant other.

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In 2024, make the Maldives your festive destination with IndiGo and witness a cultural tapestry woven with traditions, warmth, and the vibrant spirit of the Maldivian people. So, whether you’re captivated by the rhythmic dhoni boat races on Fisherman’s Day or enchanted by the colourful parades on Republic Day, each festival promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether it’s your Bangalore to Maldives flight or Mumbai to Maldives flight, with IndiGo, you will have the best start to your dream destination. Book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready for a holiday season like no other in the cultural haven of the Maldives!

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