IPL 2022 & Online Betting

Online betting is a form of legal gambling done through internet. There are various ways of online betting. The most common ones include online card games, online casinos, and betting on sports events. Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular sporting events in our country. The IPL 2021 season had an approximate viewership of 380 million TV viewers. People are eager to watch and support their teams each year in this sporting event. This makes IPL one of the most prominent online sports betting events. There are various online platforms through which people can place bets for IPL. Let us have a detailed look into that, along with a few online cricket betting tips.

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Ten prominent teams are participating in the upcoming IPL season. Each one of those teams has their strengths and weaknesses. A person who is planning to place an online bet in the coming IPL season should carefully learn each of these factors. The pros and cons of each team and every player in it have to be studied before placing the bets. The bet odds should be calculated before placing to maximize our chances of winning. 

The betting options available to us include

  • Live Betting (Betting on short term results)
  • Futures Betting (Betting on long term results)

Live Betting (Betting on short term results):

This is a way of online sports betting in which bets are placed on immediate events. The specialty of this type of betting is that we can place the bets after the match has started. Few examples for live-betting include 


Live betting Runs Scored in an over
When a wicket will fall
Number of boundaries


As you can see, these are the kinds of bets that can give us an immediate result.

Futures Betting (Betting on Long Term Results):

This is a kind of online sports betting where bets are placed on results of long-term events. The most common ones include

Futures Betting Player of the match
Player of the series
Winner of the Match
Winner of the Series
Orange Cap Winner
Purple Cap Winner


All these categories include results that will be available only after a certain amount of time. None of these are immediate yielding bets, so we need to wait a while for the bet results. 

These are the major categories of online sports betting in IPL. Now let us look into a few factors that we need to consider while placing the bets.

Weather Condition:

For any outdoor sports, the climate significantly influences the match’s outcome. It is the same with Cricket. Carefully understand the climatic conditions of the venue before placing bets. Look at the weather forecast and understand the possibility of rain. If it rains, the match could be stopped or cut short. This will adversely affect the result of a game or even the series. Thus, it has a significant impact on the bets placed.

Team/ Player Statistics:

This includes understanding the team’s general performance from past seasons. This is the same with individual players as well. Have a thorough look at the team or the player performance history before placing the bets. A player/ team with a good success percentage tends to perform better in the upcoming seasons. This can be used as a good pointer while betting.

A Fancy Deal:

Sometimes when placing bets, there could be deals for certain bets that might look promising to a new person. This could be a promotional trap or a gimmick for hidden reasons. Try not to fall prey to this. Try to avoid placing a bet on something that looks too good to be true. This is one of the most important Online Cricket Betting Tips. It is a skill that is sharpened by experience. So, new people should be extra careful to not to fall prey to this.

Player Fitness:

This is a crucial factor in any online sports betting. We should be having a clear understanding of the fitness of players. Injuries are very common in sports. Hence an injured player can be ruled out of a match or series. This will result in a catastrophe for all the bets placed on that particular player. As a thumb rule, the following parameters can be considered for this.

  • Age – As the player gets older, so is the chances of injuries
  • History of Injuries – A player’s history of injuries will serve as a pointer while placing a bet. Try to avoid placing bets on a player who has an injury-filled career.
  • Mental Fitness- This is an important factor that is sometimes overlooked. Before placing the bets, the player’s on-field and Off-field behavior should be considered. An unruly behavior can result in the player getting banned. This can be for a match or even for an entire season. So before placing bets, we should carefully look into this.

The points mentioned above can be used as valuable online cricket betting tips while placing bets for the upcoming IPL season.