How to start commercial RO water plant business?

Are you considering starting your own Commercial RO Water plant business in Noida / Delhi or another city in India? If so, continue reading because you have come to the right place and learn about the tea house franchise. As the top water business consultant, we can guide you through the process of establishing a mineral water plant or a bottled drinking water facility in India (20 Litre Jars, 1 ltr and so one). 

Because of water contamination and declining groundwater levels in Indian small towns and cities, the need for pure and usable drinking water is increasing tremendously. Because everyone wants to consume filtered water, this RO water supply company has become an evergreen one. Everyone who wishes to create their own business can find a spot.

To get started in this business, everyone should know the following fundamentals:

Business Plan for a Commercial RO Water Plant

An individual should begin with a small RO Plant, such as a 500 LPH or 1000 Litre per hour plant, for this Commercial RO Water Plant Business. Check the TDS and other minerals in the water before installing the RO Plant, as the plant design and efficiency are dependent on them. The TDS and minerals in water vary depending on where you live. Get a location, conduct local market research on mineral water, and identify possible clients. After gathering the necessary research and water information, you are ready to purchase a high-quality commercial ro plant.

Where and How Can I Register a Commercial RO Water Plant Business?

You now understand the fundamentals of the Mineral Water Plant Business. A key challenge now is where and how to register for a commercial ro water plant business. Yes, we are with you on this; you must register as a firm or company in order to obtain the name recognition of the water business brand. And because your product is for human consumption, you must register and obtain clearance from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Is a licence required to operate a commercial RO plant?

Yes, certain paperwork and the permissions and documentation specified below are required for establishing a bottled water plant in India:

  1. Small scale industrial registration certificate 
  2. AOA and MOA of the firm 
  3. Bureau of Indian Standards ISI certification (BIS)
  4. Certificate of pollution control issued by the local pollution control office
  5. Laboratory report on feed water testing 
  6. Pest control certificate

When is the best time to start a mineral water business?

The months of February and March are ideal for launching a Commercial RO Plants business.

Cost / Investment of a Commercial RO Water Plant

The investment required in this business is modest in comparison to other businesses, however it can also depend and vary on a number of factors, some of which are listed below:

  1. The TDS and minerals in your local water (Business Location).
  2. The Commercial RO Plant’s production capacity.
  3. The establishment of a business.
  4. Transportation costs.
  5. The chemistry of water source feed.
  6. The nature of the water packaging factory and its output (Such as bottled, jar, pouches etc.)

We hope that we have answered all your questions regarding water plant business through this article. 

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