How to Look Sharp in Men’s Prescription Glasses?

Looking sharp doesn’t just happen; you must put effort into it to stand out from the crowd. For some, that means getting the best haircut and styling products, but wearing the right pair of men’s prescription glasses can add even more polish to your appearance by accentuating your best features and hiding any flaws. Consider these tips when shopping for the best men’s prescription glasses to help you choose frames that will make you look your best.

Glasses Frames For Men’s Face shaper

SmartBuyGlasses has a wide variety of men’s glasses frames tailored for the perfect fit. With so many different shapes, styles, and colours to choose from, you can find just what you need. Men’s frames come in three different widths: standard (130-145mm), narrow (130-135mm), and medium (145-155mm). That means there is something for everyone, no matter how oval your face shape or narrow your nose is! At SmartBuyGlasses, get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for our email list! We offer men’s eyeglasses, women’s and kids’ Prescription glasses, and more.

Fashionable Men’s Glasses Frame Styles for 2022

SBG is here to help you find the perfect men’s prescription glasses for your look. We know that people have different tastes and preferences regarding fashion. With so many frames for men on the market, finding a perfect pair of glasses can be difficult, but with SBG, all you need is the year 2022. The site can show you the most popular frame styles and colours by 2022 so that you can find a frame that fits your needs perfectly! 

Here are some of our favourite frames: Titanium Frames: These are sleek and modern-looking frames that add a touch of class no matter their colour or style.

We Adore These Chic Glasses Trends For Men

Men’s glasses have been making a comeback for years, but they are still not nearly as popular as women’s. Investing in a quality pair is worth your time and money if you want to look sharp and put together simultaneously. With so many different styles, it can take effort to figure out which ones will suit you best. But luckily for you, we are here with some quick tips on how to find the perfect pair! 1) Be sure that you know your measurements. Knowing your face measurements is essential for getting the right size frames. It would help if you took your width from cheekbone to cheekbone, height from forehead to the tip of chin and length from hairline to jaw.

Best glasses for oval-face male

If you’re a man with an oval-shaped face, here are some tips for finding what will work best with your face shape:

  1. Don’t go for large frames. Large frames might be trendy, but they’ll make your face look even round than it already is.
  2. Try a frame shape that curves outward from the centre of the lens outwards. It’ll give your face a less round appearance by drawing attention away from the centre of your face and towards the outer edges.
  3. Choose glasses with small lenses.

Larger lenses will add width to your rounder face and can also make you look older than you are.

What are Men’s Prescription glasses

Men who wear prescription glasses might not have the most fashionable look on the block, but it doesn’t mean they can’t rock a pair. Here are some tips for men seeking to enhance their appearance with prescription eyewear.

  1. 1) Consider a colour that complements your skin tone and facial features. 
  2. 2) Match your frames and lenses with your hair colour. 
  3. 3) Pick glasses with a smaller frame if you have a round or oval face shape. 
  4. 4) Pick glasses with larger frames if you have a square face shape. 
  5. 5) Try to avoid wearing any other accessories or makeup to keep the attention on your eyewear.
  6. 6) Keep an open mind when looking for frames, and try on as many pairs as you need until you find one that suits you best!


It’s easy to look sharp while wearing men’s prescription glasses. With SmartBuyGlasses, you can get a free eyeglass prescription and try on hundreds of frames at home before you buy. Plus, there are no hidden fees like shipping and handling, which are common with online competitors. Whether you have an up-to-date prescription or need a new one, SBG has the perfect pair of glasses for any man. You’re guaranteed 100% satisfaction when you order from the store, so start shopping quickly!