Guide For Men’s Trackpants: Discover How It Became A Must-Have For Athletic Wear

A quintessential specific in the men’s wardrobe, men’s track pants are everything comfy, casual, and chique you must invest in. Coming to the usage part, you can wear them around the house, team up with a T-shirt and go out grocery shopping. When travelling for long hours, these can easily become your best loungewear at the airport or the train station. Focusing on the main use, you can invest in sports track pants to cover the daily morning walks and gym routines.  

The History Behind Men’s Track Pants

Looking back on history, it was Emile Camuset, the founder of Le Coq Sportif, went on to design the first pair of track pants. Soon after creation, the track pants were named “Sunday uniform” in the 1920s. The purpose was to help wearers stretch and run around with ease. 

The first made was grey, simple and baggy, made of jersey knit fabric (wool and cotton).  Today, when you drop by any shop to buy men’s track pants, there is a wide variety to choose from, but these have evolved and are far different from the original ones made in the 1920s. 

Below you will find a detailed date-wise look into the evolution of men’s track pants over the years. 

Date Events
1920 Émile Camuset came forward to design the first pair of track pants. 
1939 Émile Camuset designed and marketed the tracksuit. Combining sweatpants with matching tops.  
1967 Rudolf Dassler started working on the first-ever tracksuit of the brand. 
1970s and 90s Various rap groups from America started sporting men’s track pants with watching upper wears in their music videos. Thus tracksuits and pants became synonymous with the hip-hop culture, gaining the much-required attention of the general public. 

A Complete Style Guide For Men’s Track Pants

Whether you are into regular pants, Motorsport track pants, Running track pants or Training track pants, the tips below will help with a perfect look. 

The Classic Sweatshirt And Track Pants Look 

You can sport a sweatshirt and track pants look for a casual meetup with friends or a stroll down the lane. Based on your style preference, you can team up the men’s track pants with the same coloured sweatshirts or go for a contrasting look all over. Do not forget your shoes. Both flip-flops and sneakers will do.  

Top It Up With A T-Shirt

The main focus behind designing men’s track pants was to help the personnel look cool while being comfortable in their style. So teaming up your track bottoms with a t-shirt will help you appear smart and retain the casual vibe at the same time. 

A Complete Set

When planning a stunning airport look, track pants with matching tracksuits offer a serious appeal. Also, this is comfortable and helps you achieve the seriousness of being a professional sportsperson. Team up the entire look with white sneakers, and you are ready.  

Hoodies Over

Pair hoodies with track pants during the winter or for the morning runs when it’s somewhat chilly outside. The look does help you stay warm and away from the unnecessary stairs when you put the hoody on. Talking about comfort level, track pants offer the right support you need. 

Denim Jacket Over Casual Bottoms

If you want to keep it casual yet make an impression, sporting a denim jacket over men’s track pants will help achieve the ultimate look. But do make sure to pay attention to the colour of the jacket and the track pants you choose. To add more style to the look, opt for the track pants that come in a slim-fit design.  

Things That You Must Consider When Buying Men’s Track Pants

While selecting men’s track pants, here is everything you need to remember.

Prioritise Comfort Over Style

Opt for comfortable cotton blends when choosing track pants if your skin does not go well with synthetic fabrics.  Rather than just following regular colour patterns and styles, prioritise your needs and select the pants accordingly.   

Look For Well Fitted Track Pants

Because men’s track pants are already loose-fitted, buying one size big might affect the overall fittings. To avoid such situations, find and invest in your exact size, ensuring the pant fits well to your waist. 

Consider The Streatchability Part 

If you are looking for a nice and comfortable track pant set with a matching t-shirt to wear to the gym, prioritise the stretchability part. Otherwise, you will face problems when completing regular exercises in the gym.  


In your search to buy the best track pants for men, research on the item’s size, fit, build material and size will greatly help. And the points above will guide you towards the best match for sure. So what are you waiting for? Get one today.