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From Meaning in Hindi / Meaning of From in Hindi

फ्रॉम का हिंदी में मतलब नीचे दिए अनुसार है:

  • के
  • द्वारा
  • के यहाँ से
  • आरंभ करके
  • ओर से
  • के द्वारा
  • प्रेषक

From Meaning in English / From (फ्रॉम) का इंग्लिश में मतलब

फ्रॉम का अंग्रेजी में मतलब नीचे दिए अनुसार है:

  • used whenever departure, setting out, commencement of action, being, state, occurrence, etc.,
  • regarded as setting out or beginning
  • indicating the point in space at which a journey, motion, or action starts.
  • indicating the point in time at which a particular process, event, or activity starts.
  • From is used in expressions such as away from or absent from to say that someone or something is not present in a place where they are usually found.
  • used as a function word to indicate the source, cause, agent, or basis.

From उच्चारण 

IPA: frʌmHindi: फ्रम / फर्म | (frəm  , frɒm  , US – frʌm  )

Examples of From in Sentences / From शब्द के उदाहरण

  • The results were taken from six surveys.
  • During this period the share of private investment, however, rose from 61.3% to 83.8%.
  • Ram lives in Bharatpur. He came everyday from Bharatpur to Alwar.
  • Justin does not fully recover from the hospital before his father’s murder and subsequent disappearance   (Reference)
  • Julianna is a Jewish woman from Binghamton, New York where her parents own a catering business   (Reference)
  • The centre of the town is 5 kilometres from the station.
  • The production of food grains in the country fell to 192.4 million tonnes in 1997-98 from 199.4 million tonnes in 1996-97. / १९९७-९८ में देश में खाद्यान्न उत्पादन १९९६-९७ के १९९.४ मिलियन टन से गिर कर १९२.४ मिलियन टन हो गया।  
  • Better laws could protect the consumer from harmful or dangerous remedies. 
  • She bought her dress from Zara store. 
  • Flying from one wild place to another in search of lunch. – Times, Sunday Times (2016)
  • If we can take something from the game, then it is the fact we are in the final. – The Sun (2017)

Synonyms of From / फ्रॉम के समानार्थी शब्द

  • As in Out of

What are Some related words for From (From के सम्बंधित शब्द)

  • as from
  • come from
  • date from
  • far from
  • free from
  • Across
  • Towards
  • Toward
  • Grow away from
  • Take away from
  • Moving.

अन्य भाषाओं में From (फ्रॉम) को क्या कहा जाता है? (How to say From in Different Language)

अन्य भाषाओँ में From का मतलब नीचे दिया गया है:

  • Hindi: फ्रॉम / से
  • Bengali: ফ্রম
  • Gujarati: ફ્રોમ
  • Marathi: फ्रॉम
  • Punjabi: ਫ੍ਰਮ
  • Kannada: ಫ್ರಮ್
  • Malayalam: ഫ്രമ്
  • Tamil: ஃப்ரம்
  • Telugu: ఫ్రమ్
  • Japanese: ・・・から 
  • German: von 
  • French: de
  • European Spanish: de
  • Czech: od 
  • Russian: от
  • Italian: da

From: English to Hindi translation / Meaning of From in Hindi

From meaning in Hindi
From Meaning in Hindi

Do you know what is the meaning of From is in Hindi and English? Get From meaning in Hindi, From Synonyms, Antonyms, Related words to From and Example of From in sentences. Hindi meaning of From, From ka matalab hindi me, From translation and definition in Hindi language.

क्या आप जानते हैं From का हिन्दी में क्या मतलब होता है. ज्ञानबक्सा पर हमने आपको बताया है From का हिन्दी मतलब, From के पर्यावाची शब्द, From के विलोम शब्द और फ्रॉम के वाक्यों में उदाहरण. From का मतलब (मीनिंग) हिंदी में जाने |

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