China’s Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers

As the world’s largest auto market, China is driving the transition to electric vehicles at an unprecedented pace. If you’re looking to enter China’s EV charging market, you’ll want to partner with leading local manufacturers who understand the complex regulations and can help you navigate supply chain challenges. The top 10 EV charger companies in China are leading the charge, building advanced charging networks, innovating new technologies, and scaling at a rapid speed to meet the demands of the world’s biggest EV boom. These companies are poised to shape the future of e-mobility, both in China and globally. 


Read on to learn more about China’s premier EV charger manufacturers and find potential partners to accelerate your company’s growth in the world’s most promising EV market. The road to an all-electric future starts here.

The Booming Electric Vehicle Market in China

As the world’s largest auto market, China is leading the transition to electric vehicles. The Chinese government aims for new energy vehicles (NEVs) to make up 20% of auto sales by 2025. To meet this goal and growing consumer demand, China’s EV charging industry is expanding rapidly.


  • Electrly, founded in 2015, aims to provide the most intelligent and convenient EV charging solution for all drivers and industries.
  • Ginhong is a high-tech company focused on researching, developing, and manufacturing EV charging equipment and power electronic components. With 15 years of expertise, Ginhong supplies AC and DC charging stations, onboard chargers, and more.
  • Star Charge is a leading EV charging solution provider, offering AC and DC charging stations, station operation services, and a charging station cloud platform.
  • DBT is an EV charging solution provider with over 10 years of experience developing CHAdeMO and GB/T fast charging stations, AC/DC chargers, and station operation services.


EV owners in China can now choose from over 600 EV models and access the world’s largest charging network with more than 800,000 charging stations. However, more public charging is still needed, especially fast charging stations, to meet the demands of the rapidly growing EV fleet.

The top EV charger manufacturers in China are working to address this by producing innovative, high-quality charging equipment for private and public use. With strong government support, advanced technology, and increasing consumer interest in EVs, China’s EV charging market is poised for massive growth. Overall, the booming EV market and charging industry in China demonstrate the nation’s dominance in the global energy transition.

Electrly: Best Overall EV Chargers for Homes and Businesses

As an EV owner or business looking to install commercial chargers, Electrly should be at the top of your list. Founded in 2015, Electrly aims to provide intelligent and convenient EV charging solutions for drivers and industries.

Electrly’s home chargers offer fast Level 2 charging and WiFi connectivity to monitor your EV’s status from anywhere. For public use, their commercial chargers provide high-powered DC fast charging, enabling an 80% charge in under 30 minutes. Their flexible, scalable solutions suit any location, from single to multi-unit dwellings to retail centers and highway stations.

With over 200,000 chargers deployed across China, Electrly leads the industry in reliability and customer service. Their chargers withstand extreme weather and the test of time, backed by a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Customers benefit from innovative features like load balancing, integrated payment systems, real-time data monitoring and diagnostics, and over-the-air firmware updates. Count on Electrly as a trusted partner in the transition to electric mobility. Their premium yet affordable EV chargers set the standard for performance, safety, and user experience. As China’s top EV solutions provider, Electrly has the proven expertise to meet all your EV charging needs.

TGOOD: A Leading Electric Vehicle Charging Solution Provider

TGOOD is one of the top manufacturers of electric vehicle charging equipment in China. The company provides charging solutions for electric vehicles such as battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. 

TGOOD’s offerings include AC and DC charging equipment, integrated charging solutions, and an IoT platform for monitoring and management.

TGOOD is a leader in R&D and intellectual property in the EV charging industry. The company has obtained over 200 patents and has R&D centers in China, the United States, and Germany. TGOOD’s products are certified according to international standards and sold in over 50 countries and regions around the world.

Some of TGOOD’s major customers include State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, PetroChina, Sinopec, Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, and Chargepoint. TGOOD is playing an instrumental role in building the infrastructure for the adoption of new energy vehicles in China and globally. With strong R&D capabilities and a track record of product innovation, TGOOD is poised to remain at the forefront of the EV charging industry for years to come.

Foton: One of the Largest EV Charger Manufacturers

Foton is one of the largest EV charger manufacturers in China. Founded in 1996, Foton has produced over 5 million vehicles and now aims to provide charging solutions for new energy vehicles.


Comprehensive Product Line

Foton offers a wide range of EV chargers including wall-mounted, pole-mounted, and quick chargers. Their wall-mounted chargers provide 3.3kW to 22kW charging power, while their quick chargers provide 50kW to 150kW charging power. In addition, Foton provides portable chargers, bidirectional chargers, and charging stations.


Advanced Technology

Foton is dedicated to technological innovation in EV charging. Their chargers adopt touch screens, RFID identification, and intelligent scheduling to provide a smart and convenient charging experience. Foton’s quick chargers can automatically adjust the charging power based on the battery conditions to optimize charging efficiency and battery life.


Partnerships with Major Automakers

Foton has established strategic partnerships with major automakers like Volkswagen, Toyota, and Geely to provide customized charging solutions. Foton aims to build a nationwide charging network covering highways, cities, and private parking lots. By the end of 2020, Foton has installed over 30,000 EV chargers across China.

Overall, Foton is a leader in China’s EV charging industry. With a diverse product line, advanced technology, and strategic partnerships, Foton is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in China through its convenient and reliable charging solutions. For businesses and EV owners looking to install EV chargers, Foton would be an excellent choice of charger manufacturer.

Wuhan Tianyu: Rapidly Expanding in the Chinese EV Charger Market

Wuhan Tianyu, founded in 2010, is one of the leading EV charging solution providers in China. With its headquarters in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Wuhan Tianyu aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by providing reliable and affordable EV charging equipment and software services.


Product Offerings

Wuhan Tianyu offers a wide range of AC and DC EV chargers as well as charging station management software. Their products include Level 2 AC chargers for residential and commercial use, fast DC chargers enabling rapid charging, and smart charging management software for monitoring, payment processing, and load balancing.


Rapid Growth and Expansion

In recent years, Wuhan Tianyu has experienced substantial growth in several key areas, including charging site deployment, manufacturing capacity expansion, product innovation, partnerships, and international expansion. With its commitment to innovation and ability to scale quickly, Wuhan Tianyu is poised to continue its rapid growth in the Chinese EV charger market and support the increasing adoption of electric mobility worldwide. Overall, Wuhan Tianyu deserves recognition as one of the top EV charger manufacturers in China advancing the electrification of transportation.



As you have seen, China has many reputable and innovative EV charger manufacturers that are poised to dominate the global market. With demand for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure growing exponentially, these companies are developing cutting-edge technology, signing partnerships, and expanding into new markets. By investing in EV charging solutions from China’s top manufacturers, you ensure you stay ahead of trends in the e-mobility revolution and provide the best experience for your customers. The future is electric, and the future is happening now in China. Are you ready to plug in?