Bonus for the first deposit in online casinos

Bonus on the first deposit: all the information about welcome casino rewards

In this material, we will consider one of the most important questions for any gambler – this is the essence of the bonus on the first deposit. We will talk about what this offer from online casinos is, how the mechanism of receiving the award looks like. You will also learn how to wagering welcome bonuses and what are the pros and cons of such offers. More information about welcome bonuses you will find here –

What are bonuses in the casino

This is the name of incentives from casino platforms for registration. Accordingly, players can get this bonus by fulfilling the main condition – creating an account on the site of the service. Such awards are also called welcome awards – paying tribute to the fact that the casino encourages for the “acquaintance” of the client with its service.

Bonuses for the first deposit are not divided into any categories. There is a clear condition – the user must register and deposit for the first time. However, there is some gradation – some gaming platforms can make package bonuses for several deposits, starting from the first. A vivid example is the 1win service, which gives a bonus for 4 first deposits. But the classic welcome bonus is still considered to be the reward provided after registration for the first deposit.

The bonus can imply different rewards: in the form of cash or freespins. But most modern casinos give a combined award – accrues both money and free spins. Thus, the bonus turns out to be double – you can profit from both cash and freespins.

How to get a bonus on the first deposit at online casino 1win

As we have already said, in 1win the bonus is valid for 4 first deposits. Let’s consider step by step how the award is accrued:

Pass registration on the casino site online;

Make the first deposit in a convenient way;

Receive a bonus for the first deposit – 200% of the deposit amount.

Bonus credited. But to get the reward for the second deposit will need to deal with the first. To do this, you need to wagering the received reward. About how this is done, we will talk a little below.

As soon as you wager the bonus, the reward for the second deposit will be available to you. Accordingly, you need to replenish the account for the second time, after which the bonus will be credited to the account. Then the scheme is clear – wager the reward, make the third deposit and get another reward. With the fourth deposit everything is exactly the same. You can get rewards both on the desktop version of the site, and through applications for Android and iOS, or mobile site.

How to wagering bonus

Now the most interesting thing is the wagering procedure. We warn you right away – the process is not the easiest, otherwise 1win could go bankrupt on the rewards. But wagering the bonus is quite possible.

Make sure that the reward is credited;

Place your bets in the slots;

Once you hit the right amount of bets, part of the reward will be credited to your main account.

There is no standard wagering wager, as in many other bonus offers. You get a certain percentage of the total reward for the amount of funds you spin on the slots.

For example:

If you spin $65 in a day, you can get 1% of the bonus on your main account;

With a volume of $13,000, $20 will fall into the account.

So it all depends on yourself how quickly the full amount of the reward will be received. If you can rack up a large volume in a day – for example, more than $60,000 – then in this case you will be able to win back the reward for the first deposit into your account in just 24 hours.

If we talk about more classic welcome bonuses, then wagering implies a wager – multiplier. For example, if the terms of the promotion prescribed wager x20 – this means that you will need to spin the amount of the reward on the slots in twenty times the amount. Example: you have received a reward in the amount of 500 euros. Your wager is x20. Accordingly, the bonus will be wagered as soon as the total amount of money scrolled on the slots reaches the amount of 10,000 euros. In this situation, the entire amount of the bonus will be credited to your main account, and you can withdraw these funds, or dispose of them differently (for example, to play on them further).