Best Places to Visit in New York City

If you are looking at the NFL schedule Week 10, you will notice that the New York Giants are playing at home against the Houston Texans. This would be a perfect chance to visit the New York City area, but this is a great travel destination throughout the year.


The summer months are typically the best time to visit New York City as that is when you are going to find the best weather. You are going to run into a ton of people when visiting New York City, but you are also going to find plenty of things to do.


Here are some of the best places to visit/things to do in New York City.

Statue of Liberty

There are a handful of symbols that stand out when thinking about the United States, and the Statue of Liberty is at the top of the list. The Statue of Liberty isn’t actually inside the city, but you are going to get a great view of it from throughout. 


This is one monument that continues to see plenty of tourism year-round, but there is also enough space surrounding the monument to spread out. You simply can’t take a trip to New York City and not check out the Statue of Liberty.

9-11 Memorial

Prior to the 21st century, the Twin Towers were a symbol of New York City and were always a popular tourist attraction. That all changed on September 11, 2001, when a pair of hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers on a day that the country will never forget.


Where the towers once stood is now a memorial built to honor those that lost their lives on that tragic day back in 2001. This is one of the most inspiring places to visit in New York City, and there aren’t many dry eyes leaving the 9-11 Memorial. 

Madison Square Garden

There are some great sporting venues in New York City, but none are as famous or as important as Madison Square Garden. This is one of the most iconic venues in the world, and catching a game at MSG should be on your bucket list. 


Even if you aren’t planning to go watch a game at MSG, it would be worth your time to take a tour or visit the building. It’s a venue that has been featured plenty in entertainment, and getting inside the building will be a blast. 

Times Square

Perhaps no location in the United States is as popular to visit as Times Square. This is also a location that has been featured a ton in movies and television, but it’s actually even better in person. 


Be warned that you are going to run into thousands of people when you are visiting Times Square, but it’s still going to be worth your time to visit. You don’t have to spend a ton of time at Times Square, but you might find it hard to leave once you are there. 

Central Park

Central Park is much more than just a place to hang out and have a picnic with a family. Of course, that is still an activity that can be enjoyed at Central Park, but there is so much more that takes place here. 


Depending on the day, you might be able to find a concert or a show taking place, and on other days you can simply check out the museum. Parks aren’t popular places to visit in many cities, but Central Park is unique. 

Ellis Island

Ellis Island was the first place that many immigrants officially touched American soil, and many people can trace their ancestry back to that location. Ellis Island is used a bit differently now, but the reason to visit is to check out the museum that is there.


You can take a look at the log books to see what immigrants landed on the island, and there is so much more to explore about the history of our great nation. 

Watch a Broadway Show

Even if you are someone that doesn’t particularly enjoy going to shows, that should all change if you visit Broadway. This is where the best performers in the world come to perform, and there are always a ton of great performances taking place. 


One nice thing about Broadway is that there are only a limited number of tickets, which means the theater isn’t going to be overpopulated. This is also an activity that you can enjoy year-round as it will be indoors.