8 ways Kratom can cure Insomnia

In the modern world as technology advances, all the other aspects of human life also change. This change has brought many great sides with it. But as we step into this changing world we are also facing many troubles that affect our healthy life. Thus, stress and anxiety become a part of everyday life. 

Due to many reasons, we face a stressful and anxious atmosphere. This also interrupts the healthy sleeping and living patterns of many people and causes Insomnia issues.

Many people try to get prescribed medication to heal. But sometimes such medication also failed to heal some persistent problems like Insomnia. While there are many herbal remedies available in the world that have the ability to cure Insomnia of the roots. One of the best-known herbs to cure Insomnia is Kratom. Here we will discuss what is insomnia and how Kratom can cure Insomnia for you. 

What is Insomnia?

Many people even do not notice that they do suffer from insomnia. And also do not receive any ailment the disease gets more complex and severe day by day. Simply Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that interrupts healthy sleeping and people suffering from it find difficult to fall or stay asleep. Some people suffer from insomnia once in a lifetime while some do spend sleepless nights every day. 

What is kratom?

Kratom or scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa is an ethnobotanical medicinal herb. It is widely available in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, etc. Kratom is usually available in three different strains- white, green, and red.

Kratom strains are well known for relieving chronic pain, boosting energy as well as reducing stress and anxiety. This herb works magic in curing chronic and severe sleeping disorders like insomnia. Different levels of alkaloids like Mitragyna and 7-hydroxymitragyna in kratom helps in relaxation, improving sleeping disorders, lowering the leaves of blood pressure, improving metabolism, maintaining the right energy level in the body, etc. 

 Kratom strains are popular in the market as they are multi-benefic. It is easily available online and can be taken in various ways like brewing in Tea, mixing in beverages and capsules, etc.

Best kratom strains for sleep

Insomnia can disturb every aspect of life. This can be cured with kratom. Kratom is a multi-benefit herb and can be used for a number of reasons. So in order to use Kratom to cure Insomnia, you need to know what are the best strains for healing insomnia and other sleeping disorders. 

There are a couple of strains available that work best for improving sleeping and healing insomnia. Like the Bali strains, Indo and Borneo strains, Sumatra strains are the best strains that help in relaxing and calming. And improve levels of stress hormone in the body thus, restoring normal sleeping. 

Though you should avoid all Bali Strains. Also Thai and Maeng Da strain even the description of the product showing to heal insomnia or help in relaxing. Because those strains are high in the terms of stimulating alkaloid properties so they have a tendency to increase productivity and worsen the situation. 

Right vain for sleeping

Always choose the red veins to get the best results. Although green vein can also be quite useful you need to know about the product you are going to use as the effect of Green once are less consistent. 

You should also avoid the White vein kratom as well they can stimulate your body and mind. As many beginners do not know how Kratom works they tend to get confused. Always remember every kratom strain works differently and the amount of dosage also affects how it will work. So read carefully the information before consuming any kratom. 

 How Kratom works for curing Insomnia

Kratom strains can be beneficial for many health issues. Thus you need to know how kratom works for Insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It depends on the dosages and the strain on how they will work. 

  • Mostly the high doses of red vein kratom strains help the body and mind to relax, a calming effect on the mind. Reduce blood pressure and stress hormones. Eventually I will improve my sleep.
  • While improving the levels of stress and anxiety it gives a euphoric and sedative effect on the mind and helps to calm down and relax.
  • It increases the amount of sleep by shutting down the stressed mind and gives your mind more time to relax. Therefore you will also be able to work better. 
  • Kratom strains help your body as a sleeping agent and give you a refreshed feeling when you wake up. 
  • The unique alkaloid profile helps you to sleep by giving you a soothing effect. But this only happens when you choose the correct strain. So it is essential to get the right kratom strains to cure Insomnia. 
  • Some kratom strains have a high level of alkaloid properties that creates a strong euphoric and sedative effect. So you can sleep with comfort.

The optimal dosage for Sleep

Dosage is an essential yet tricky part of kratom use. Thus, many beginners also tend to get confused about how to take kratom for better sleep. You need to choose the right strains and take the right dose to get the best results. 

Though the dosages also vary for each individual and everyone can have different requirements. Naturally, you should take higher dosages for sleeping. But some people can exceptionally sleep well with a low dosage of kratom. Here is a small index to figure out the optimal dosage of kratom to cure Insomnia and other sleeping disorders as well. We divide the dosages into three parts – 

  • Low dose- 2-3 grams or half teaspoon.
  • Medium dose – 3-5 grams or 1 to 1 ½ teaspoons.
  • High doses – 6-7 grams or 2 to 3 teaspoons.

We suggest you start with a low dose of kratom for your sleep. Similarly it is preferred to use for any other diseases. 

Conclusion– Kratom strains work magically and have the ability to cure Insomnia and other sleeping disorders completely. But you should remember that this strain works differently and you should be aware of them before you jump into it. It is also important for you to understand how to take the kratom correctly or else you can face adverse effects of it.