Zaheer Khan- One of the best players in the world of cricket

Zaheer Khan, without a doubt, is considered to be one of the best possible assets of Indian cricket and has always been at the forefront in terms of providing the best possible contributions to the nation. The country, which has always been starving of fast-bowling talent very well depends on Zaheer Khan and is very much helpful in terms of winning a great turn to the century whenever India has required him. Zaheer Khan ended up as one of the greatest new ball bowlers of all time and has also become the best possible expert of the art of reverse swing and finally a World Cup hero. 

The best possible insights that people need to know about the career of Zaheer Khan have been explained as follows:

Very humble beginnings: Zaheer Khan started his cricketing dream after moving to Mumbai, where he stayed back in a small hospital room where his father’s aunt worked. He was training with coach Sudhir Naik who recognized the talent of Zaheer Khan and ultimately provided him with the opportunity of playing tennis ball cricket in his leisure time afterward. He trained him in the national cricket camp net during the practice hours. Also, He found a job in the textile mill to support the practice at the pay cheque of INR Rs.5000. According to the coaches, he never took breakfast before practice which very well justifies his dedication to the game. Zaheer Khan very well continued to work on the bowling and was also very much helpful in supporting the best possible fashion element with a salary of the job through the coach. Even though the bowling boot, he had been very much successful in terms of arranging from the national cricket club‘s funds and continued to impress the work ethic and commitment without any problem. Under the guidance of coach Naik, his skill was given the best possible direction and polish over the course of three years, and ultimately, he made the entry into the Ranji trophy. After this, he made different kinds of strides in the domestic circuit and ultimately impressed the selectors enough to be on the national team for the next year. There has been a huge achievement in the life of Zaheer Khan in which he had to convince his father to enter the cricketing world in comparison to the engineering field instead of a degree certificate and getting a great jersey of India.

With the men in blue: Zaheer Khan made his debut in the ICC knockout cup in the year 2000 and immediately was very much helpful in hitting the headlines when he performed very well in that particular match. The Indian express pacer and once in a blue moon discovery very well justified his ability to deal with things, and ultimately Zaheer Khan was very much helpful and exciting the maverick to improve the pace of Indian cricket. In partnership with Ashish Nehra, Zaheer Khan formulated the first potent express pace attack for India in the 2003 World Cup, in which India had a dream run into the finals. On the back of some of the good forms of New Zealand, this was based upon the league stages of the World Cup and ultimately was based upon the course of the tournament without any problem. Nerves got better in this particular case where people emerged as the young pacer in the final and ultimately engaged with each other in a very systematic approach. There were several kinds of concerns associated with his fitness on numerous occasions because he had been breaking down in the middle of the series. He lacked the speed and accuracy of old, which is the main reason that there were several kinds of youngsters in the circuit, including Irfan Pathan, Sreesanth, and other associated players.

Zaheer Khan very well decided to take the country’s path and regain their fitness, and after this particular aspect, he seemed to work very well with the style of bowling so that he could enjoy the element of retention in the world of cricket. Then he picked up ten wickets on his debut for the country and further was a fitter version of himself which was made available to the Indian team.

Twilight: Zaheer Khan was facing different kinds of fitness issues for a long period and was dropped from the BCCI list of contracted players. After this, he went on to the training at the fitness academy in France with Yuvraj Singh, who was battling cancer then. Then six months of training did wonders in his life, and ultimately, he announced himself as a great player once again and again rose through the Ranji cricket picking up 13 wickets in three matches with an average of 19.84 in the 2013 season. One of the major changes he managed to bring is to indulge in the best possible learning of the technique of bowling and to bat simultaneously, like in the days of gold. Since the experts were very well impressed with the transformation, selectors were very well rewarded as efforts and suggested his name to the test team for South Africa in December 2013. Zaheer Khan was the ultimate bowler at that time and ultimately was very much helpful in providing a decent outing into two test matches. He also traveled to New Zealand due to the performance, but the performance was mediocre. Then he announced his retirement from the game in the year 2016 so that he could create space for the young options in the form of Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami.

 The tendency to break down with injury remained a huge problem in the life of Zaheer Khan, but ultimately the major characteristic trait he possessed was adaptability which allowed him to attend the training in France and become and emerge as one of the best possible players once again. A recent match of this player includes the IND legends versus Sri Lanka legends on the 10th of March 2020, which was at the DY Patil ground. Zaheer Khan also continued to do his bit in the IPL and was bought by Delhi daredevils for four crores in the year 2015 and was named as their captain in 2016 as well. Hence, Zaheer Khan has always been at the forefront in terms of providing people with the best possible skill set along with huge promising delivery, which is the main reason that whenever people are interested in enjoying basic things, then they need to download live cricket score video so that they can enjoy the highlights very easily.

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