Why do you need a Virtual Phone Number for SMS verification?

There is a recent trend that registration on certain resources requires confirmation in the form of codes received in text messages. We will not talk about the security of this type of authentication or registration confirmation now, but if it concerns financial or government institutions, this is an effective way to protect an account from hacking. As for social networks or messengers – there, too, everything is clear, this way of confirmation is very convenient to screen out bots and fake accounts.

But in relation to other resources, then some doubts arise. The reason is obvious, because when registering on sites that are not financial, or they do not deal with confidential information, this method of confirmation is more a whim of the resource owners, through which they gather the potential client base of numbers, which will later be used for advertising purposes.

In such cases, it is logical that your phone number to add to such a base does not want to, but what to do if it is extremely necessary to use a resource? There is a question – how to make a virtual phone number for SMS.

Prevent website bots involves implementing measures to stop automated scripts and crawlers from accessing a website, in order to protect the website’s content and functionality, and to ensure that website traffic and data is generated only by real human users.

What is a virtual number for SMS?

Virtual number is a modern information technology, which allows you to receive SMS on a cloud mobile number. In fact, nowadays, a virtual mobile number can completely replace a regular one, and the main difference from the latter is only the lack of a physical carrier, i.e. a SIM card.


What do you need a Virtual Phone Number?

What do I need a virtual number for? As we mentioned above, you need a virtual number, so you don’t have to leave your real number with sites you don’t trust, but that’s not the only reason.

  • Registering more than one social networking account. In order to register multiple social media accounts, you’ll need several real SIM cards. But it’s simpler to register multiple virtual numbers and receive a confirmation SMS directly online. It will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses on SIM-cards and also will considerably simplify registration procedure as you don’t have to constantly take out your SIM tray from your phone.
  • Registration in foreign services. Many foreign services require you to specify a phone number of a certain country, while you can easily swap IP through a VPN, getting a SIM card of another country will be quite problematic. Fortunately, you can get a virtual number of the country that the site requires and confirm it.
  • Hiding your real number. No matter what your reason is, you don’t want your real phone number to be public. You might be afraid of spam, or you just want to remain anonymous. A virtual number is an excellent solution to both of these problems, and you can use it to receive an SMS while remaining incognito.


Learn how to get a virtual phone number for SMS

Here are more details about how to get virtual phone number for SMS verification. Follow the simple steps below, and you will be able to get an additional online number in just a few minutes:


  1. Create profile on SMS-man site. You have to enter your email and double enter your password for the account. Then confirm your email address.
  2. In order to deposit your account, go to “Payment” section and choose the most convenient way to make a deposit. 
  3. On the main page we use a filter. First, you select the country of the virtual number.
  4. The next step is to specify the service where you plan to register. To make this task easier, you can use special search line.
  5. To activate virtual number you must click on “Buy” button next to the selected service.


Follow 5 simple steps, and you will get additional phone number, ready to use, for receiving SMS. All incoming text messages will be displayed on the main page in section “History of requests”.