What should you buy: multi-trip or single-trip travel insurance?

Irrespective of the fact whether you are travelling within India or abroad, getting travel insurance is vital. You remain protected against financial and medical damages, delays, delays, and cancellations. Also, given that nowadays getting a travel insurance in India is as easy as it can be with the presence of online services, there is no reason for you to not buy your travel insurance in time. 

In most cases, these insurances provide sufficient financial security against overseas unanticipated non-medical and medical situations. However, you must compare the numerous international travel insurance online offers before purchasing the insurance. There are two main types of travel insurance policies. 

Single-trip travel insurance

When you go on a vacation and return home and require insurance for that complete length, it is called single-trip travel insurance. While on vacation, you may visit various places or countries, which will still be recognized as a single trip. Your journey begins when you leave home and finishes when you return. Single-trip travel insurance in India is suggested if you travel infrequently or it is just one trip that you are taking. You pay for the precise duration of your vacation under single-trip travel insurance. It covers the following:

  • The single-trip travel insurance plan offers financial protection against emergencies for just one trip— local or international.

  • Up to 180 days of coverage are delivered.

  • The plan begins when you catch a flight from your country of residence (India) and will last with your arrival to your native country or the expiration of the policy term (whichever is sooner).

  • The term of coverage may vary for various insurers. Usually, single-trip travel insurance offers financial assistance for baggage loss or theft, passport loss, hospitalization bills, travel documents, and others. 

 Plans for single-trip travel insurance in India come in mainly two forms:

  • Travel medical insurance: It provides a range of plan maximums and deductibles to select from and focuses on emergency medical care. It is available for purchase for five days, six months, or three years. In addition, it further enables emergency medical transport, repatriation of bodies, and other travel-related advantages.

  • Trip-cancellation insurance: If you cancel your vacation for a covered cause, it is more concentrated on non-refundable travel costs. Such coverage begins from the following day of purchase and lasts until you leave on your vacation. Once you are on your journey, it also covers emergency medical bills, trip interruption, travel delay, luggage delay, and repatriation of bodies.

Although many plans provide insurance for up to 180 days, such insurance is often suited for trips for up to 30 days. Additionally, you must acquire a trip cancellation insurance policy for the journey. For example, many tourists to the United States stay for four to six months, and others may take a five to seven-day cruise. However, you cannot get trip-cancellation insurance specifically for that cruise. This is because your vacation begins when you leave your native country and not when you board the ship.

Multi-trip travel insurance

Multi-trip insurance is excellent if you intend to take two or more travels throughout the year. The insurance option gives coverage for a specific term, often for a year. Here you may travel as often as you like under the same plan. This policy also covers emergency medical expenditures, loss of passport, trip cancellation, etc., just like single-trip coverage. However, some plans contain restrictions on annual travel time, ranging from 30-70 days. Therefore, carefully read all the terms and conditions before making a purchase. A multi travel insurance in India will cover the following –

  • You will be protected irrespective of the number of travels you take during the year.
  • However, depending on the plan, each trip has a maximum time for which it will give coverage, ranging from 30 days to 70 days per trip.
  • They usually provide one policy maximum, and they are low-cost travel insurance. 

How single and multi-trip travel insurance differs?

Knowing the difference between multi-trip and single-trip travel insurance in India is crucial overseas. While going overseas might be thrilling and enjoyable, it is not without its difficulties. Therefore, you must obtain international travel insurance online. You may get travel insurance for a single trip or a series of excursions. However, there are several distinctions to take into account. 

Basis Single-Trip Insurance Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
Validity It will be available for 180 days It will be effective 365 days, but you can stay in one spot for more than 180 days.
Eligible Criteria The eligibility to avail of this insurance coverage usually is Six months to 70-80 years. The minimum age requirements are 18 years.
 Registration You may have to look through the contract terms of this insurance to find the appropriate one. You don’t have to repeat the procedure of rereading the terms of service since this policy covers a year.
Customisation This insurance package allows you the flexibility to personalize every vacation according to your requirements. You don’t have any option with this insurance coverage except to proceed with the same plan for the entire year.
Best Suitable Individuals who travel once per year. Individuals who like to travel or require work vacations more than once a year.
Premium Premium usually is modest. Premiums are often higher since the insurance is operating all year round.


Both plans give equivalent coverage except for the period. The number of travels you take each year will determine why you choose one over the other. It might assist if you consider the timeframe of such journeys. If you want a better deal, search for international travel insurance online.

Single-trip travel insurance coverage is perfect for persons who take extended travel (greater than 90 days) abroad once a year. Regardless of the number of journeys, multi-trip travel insurance is valid for 365 days from the day you purchase a plan. This travel insurance is intended for persons who regularly travel in a year for business or professional reasons.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.