WC 23, Cricaza’s Top Teams: Home team with the highest NRR

The International Cricket Council Men’s One Day International World Cup 2023 is currently being held in different venues in India. We are almost halfway through the league matches, with currently 15 matches finished. South Africa showed some splendid performances, but their bad luck with the Netherlands continues, as in the 2022 Twenty20 World Cup, where they failed to defeat the Netherlands in a crucial match. You can watch the highlights and get an analysis of the match on Cricaza.

The same thing happened to them in the match with the Netherlands again in the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, where they again failed to defeat the Netherlands and their curse continues in World Cups with the Dutch squad. South Africa became the team with the highest score in the International World Cups by scoring 428 in the first match of the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, surpassing Australia’s previous record of 417. Unfortunately, their curse with the Dutch team continued in World Cup matches and their defeat was least expected.

They fell from first to third place after losing to the Netherlands, and their net run rate also sharply decreased. India and New Zealand have won three out of three games, and they are in the top two positions. India has the highest net run rate, followed by New Zealand. India is currently in first place in the points table, New Zealand is in second and South Africa is in third after an unexpected loss to the Netherlands. 

The fourth place is occupied by Pakistan, which won two out of their three matches. They defeated Sri Lanka and Afghanistan and they faced a humiliating loss against India, with which India’s streak with Pakistan continues at 8-0 in World Cup matches. 

India, New Zealand, South Africa, and Pakistan are the top four teams after 15 matches in the league stages as part of the 2023 World Cup. On the other side, the International Cricket Council Men’s Cricket World Cup’s most successful team, Australia, is struggling to pick up the pace this time. They are in ninth place for the first time and they have just started winning. Maybe they will come to the top as they always do by winning consecutive matches, as Australia should never be underestimated. But, as of now, they are in no position and they are currently in ninth place with a negative run rate. As the tournament advances, we can expect some good performances and wait to see which team advances to the Super Four. 

Fans and many cricket experts are expecting India to win as their team looks so strong and they have a home advantage compared to other teams. But the game of cricket is unpredictable and we cannot expect the future outcome because anything might happen at any point in time. For all the other updates and to get the best cricket predictions in the world, visit Cricaza. You can also get live cricket scores and all the other sports updates on the site. You can use their free signup promotion as part of the ongoing World Cup, claim their cashback bonus of up to 50,00,000 and also get free spins on signup, with which you can play a wide range of games available on their website