Top Five A Must-Have Features of Ideal Sporting Shoes?

Shoe choice affects your whole body not just your feet. Wearing a good pair of shoes during sporting activities helps you feel good and comfortable and may also prevent injuries. Needless to say, finding the best fitting shoes is not a walk in the park. 

Not every shoe is right for your feet. Whichever sporting shoes you choose, they must be perfectly fitting from heel to toe for your feet to feel comfortable in your regular sporting activities. Below are the top five features to look for when purchasing a perfect pair of running shoes for women. Go through them keenly and enjoy your sporting experience.

Cushioning of the shoes

Insole cushioning of every sporting shoe is very crucial. Wrong insole cushioning may lead to lower back issues. Also, very soft insoles are not always comfortable. To be on the safe side, always consider sporting shoes that have memory foam insole. Also, it is advisable to purchase some more extra insoles to be refilling your sporting shoes whenever you feel the need. 

Choose a perfect fitting shoe

An uncomfortable pair of shoes may lead to shin splints and aching heels. It is always good to have in mind certain characteristics of your feet like having flat feet or a high arch.

A sporting shoe should be able to fit you properly. This means that you can wiggle your toes freely. Ensure that you can fit your thumb between the end of your shoe’s toe box and your longest toe. Shoes should feel comfortable as soon as you put them on.

Perfect outsole

It is very crucial to consider the type of surface you will be using your sporting shoes on and the compatibility of the shoe’s outsole. There are key differences in the types of outsoles that are used for road trainers and others suited for different types of terrain. 

Running or even walking on a surface with the wrong outsole may lead to sliding, which over some time can increase the risk of injuring your soft tissues. 


Even though the style is not the most important factor when purchasing shoes, it is one of the many factors that people consider. 

No matter how comfortable your new sporting shoes are, if they don’t fit your style, you probably won’t wear them. When considering the style of the shoes to buy, look out for what you will be wearing them with. 

Flexible to play with

You can test sporting shoe flexibility by bending them from each side. Flexibility is very key considering the type of exercise you will be undertaking. 

When walking or running, always pay attention to where your foot flexes. Your shoes should be able to flex where your feet flex the most like the forefoot. 

If you have previously had an injury, be very cautious about getting shoes that are too flexible. You should start with shoes that are more structured and cushioned. But it is advisable to first check with your physiotherapist or doctor if you are not sure.


Buying sporting shoes that work best for you does not have to be mind-boggling. First, learn what works best for your feet and style. Remember to check the above features when buying running shoes for women. Good luck.