The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Perfect Women’s Shorts For Every Body Shape

If there is one item of clothing that women need to have to stay stylish yet comfy during the hot months, it is an excellent pair of shorts. Clothing brand Sanctuary reports that you can dress shorts up or down, and they come in lots of other colors and patterns, so it is easy to stay on trend. Moreover, they are available in lots of different cuts and styles. No matter your body type, you will find a pair of shorts that will fit you like a dream. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect women’s shorts for every body type. 

Pear-Shaped: Slim Cuts and Dark Colors

A pear-shaped body means your bottom half is wider than your upper body. According to Sanctuary, the best shorts for women with this body shape have a little longer cut and have more fitting in the hips and legs for a streamlined look. If you are pear-shaped, try Bermuda shorts, which can help to balance your overall look. Pair it with a t-shirt and a women’s jacket on breezy days or a cute boho top for a fun and feminine look. 

Ensure that the hem of your top or jacket does not end at your hips since it will emphasize the widest part of your body. Either tuck in your top or wear a little longer one, like a kimono-style blouse. 

Dark colors can also help make your hips and thighs appear slimmer, so look for a black, navy, chocolate brown, or dark gray women’s shorts. Denim shorts in a dark wash will also work well if you have a pear-shaped body. Plain ones are best, so avoid loud patterns, busy details, or shiny hardware when picking out shorts. 

Inverted Triangle: Shorts that Give You Curves

An inverted triangle body shape means having a wider upper body. For a balanced look, you must choose women’s shorts that will create some curves. Consider wide or baggy shorts, such as A-line shorts, to add volume to your hips. Pleated shorts will work wonderfully as well.

If you prefer cut-offs, pick ones with fuller legs and wear them with the rolled cuffs. Avoid anything too fitted since this will de-emphasize your hips and make you look top-heavy. As for patterns, you can choose anything, but for the best effect, choose shorts with a horizontal stripe pattern to create the illusion of width. 

Structured shorts made of a somewhat stiff or rigid fabric are also suitable if your body has an inverted triangle shape. Avoid anything too soft or anything that drapes since that will put unwanted focus on your hips. Pair your shorts with plain shirts or thin sweaters to create balance. You should also consider wearing tops in darker colors than your shorts and avoid cropped shirts that stop at the waist. 

Rectangle-Shaped: Shorts That Give Shape and Definition

A person with a rectangular body type does not have a defined waistline. Also, their bust, waist, and hip measurements are nearly equal. If your body is rectangle-shaped, making your waistline look more defined is the easiest way to appear more proportionate. Adding volume to your hip line can also give you more shape.

LA-based brand Sanctuary said that when choosing women’s shorts, pick relaxed-fit ones that sit low on your hips to create volume. Flared shorts with a statement or tie belt will also work wonderfully since these add curves and emphasize your waistline. Meanwhile, shorts with big pockets, such as cargo shorts, are also perfect if you are rectangle-shaped.

Pair your shorts with shirts that end at hip level, and avoid boxy or basic t-shirts since these will make you look shapeless. Tops with exciting details, such as ruffles near the bust line or a wrap-around top, will also help dress up your shorts and create curves simultaneously. If you want to add a jacket, ensure that the hem falls around your hips for a flattering look. 

O-Shaped: Shorts That Create Vertical Details

Having an O-shaped figure means that your midsection or tummy is the widest part of your body. For some women, that means having a tummy wider than their shoulders or hips. If this is the case for you, you will want shorts that create vertical details so you will look slimmer.

Mid-rise Bermudas or dark jean shorts in a slim cut will work wonders to give you a more balanced figure. Pair these with a long tunic-style shirt or a flowy boho blouse to create a long straight line from your upper body to your hip area. Avoid form-fitting tops or blouses made of a clingy material since these can emphasize your middle section. You should also avoid wearing high-rise shorts that cut into your tummy since they can feel uncomfortable after a while. 

Consider emphasizing your legs when dressing to hide your tummy. For instance, you can pair short shorts with colorful pointed flats with gold hardware so all eyes will be on your legs. 

No matter your body type, there is a perfect pair of women’s shorts for you. Consider these tips to find the best shorts to fit your figure for a look that is a perfect 10!