The story of the South African rebel tours

The 1980s was a difficult time for South Africa at a political level. This country also does well at cricket, and making live cricket online betting through 1xBet on their squads can be quite profitable.

This also reached the sports sphere. The country was basically isolated from the rest of the world. Those who traveled to South Africa for whatever reason weren’t seen with good eyes. Cricketers who traveled to the country during that period suffered severe backlash. The best online live cricket betting can be made through 1xBet, where lots of South African squads are featured as well.


The ICC banned South Africa from official cricket. However, this didn’t prevent groups of players and coaches from traveling to that place, which resulted in huge consequences for them. These trips were later known as the “rebel tours”.

The cricket “rebels”

Although South Africa was banned from lots of sports, including cricket, they still continued to have their own domestic competition. Punters can go to the 1xBet – casino online betting and try its games before great games from South African cricket begin.


Obviously, at the time, these championships didn’t have any kind of recognition from international cricket bodies. Yet, the country still had some competitive teams and offered lots of incentives in order to convince foreigners to travel there. Many teams that represented different nations traveled in those “rebel tours”, such as:


  • England;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • the West Indies;
  • and Australia.


Before games of these national teams begin, you can make online betting through the 1xBet casino by enjoying its hundreds of games. It should be noted that these were not the official national sides. Instead, they were groups of players and coaches that traveled on their own. 

Significant backlash

Different cricket organizations, politicians and even citizens from the countries that had their cricketers traveling to South Africa were not impressed. What is impressive is the T20 betting app – 1xBet also features wagers on other forms of the sport as well.


Many cricket players suffered sanctions from their home cricket boards. The case of the first tour made by an English team is quite interesting. The members of the squad were aware of the backlash that they would suffer, but they thought that this would be something limited. What is unlimited are the chances given by the 1xBet betting app to wager on T20 and other variations of the sport.

When the public knew about their tour, they suffered the rage from the entire society. In fact, some high-profile players, who at the time were even part of the “real” national team were banned from playing professional cricket for some time.