The Most Popular Live Casino Games in India 2022

Live gaming at online casinos is a relatively new form of gambling. Live casinos are becoming increasingly well-knownbecause of the numerous advantages they provide. Internet casinos provide quite straightforward gaming operations due to their user-friendly websites. Because of their user-friendly websites, internet casinos’ gaming services are now crucial. Going to a traditional casino can be a challenging and exhausting trip, especially if it is far away. Thanks to recent developments, people can now participate in the most well-known table games without leaving their homes.

From the comfort of your home, you may easily engage in all the activities you would find in a traditional casino. To begin betting on the best online betting sites in India, all you need is a device that can connect to a reliable live casino on the internet via a website or mobile live casino application.

Have you given any thought to which live games command the highest level of prominence? Below are a few of them.

Andar Bahar

Played with a standard deck of cards, Andar Bahar is a well-liked casino game in India. There is no need for planning because everything is up to chance. In essence, players bet on whether the cards would be Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside).


No other casino game is as completely arbitrary and illogical as roulette. You just need to deposit your wager, let the dealer spin the wheel, and wait for your lucky numbers to appear. Roulette’s elegance and simplicity attract players from Indian casinos who keep coming back for more.

To obtain the best odds for you, the game also accepts a wide variety of bets. On red, black, odd, or even, you can place a bet on even money. You may place a “street” bet on three distinct numbers or go long and wager on a single number, for instance.

Players decide whether to gamble on Andar or Bahar during the game, and the live dealer deals one card face-up in the middle of the table before dealing the remaining cards, also face-up, to the two sections. If the player’s forecast comes true, they triumph. The round is over when the dealer chooses a card that has the same value as the middle card.


When playing live dealer bingo, players have the option of choosing between 75, 80, or 90-ball games as well as their entry fee. When a ball in Live Caller Bingo emerges from the tumbler, an on-screen caller notifies online players of its number. Live dealer bingo adds a new level to the game by having a live caller recite the numbers online, just liketraditional bingo requires you to fill out a whole line on your bingo card.


Poker was only natural to add when online casinos gained popularity because it has been played in a variety of ways for hundreds of years. Online poker players could feel a little cut off from the action because a dealer deals each round of the game. Even though players from all over the world can play live pokertogether, the game will be considerably more exciting if players engage with the live dealer.


ULive Dealer Lottery gives players the chance to partake at their convenience and still enjoy all the advantages of a typical lottery drawing. In the same way, as they would when purchasing a lottery ticket, players can choose multiple numbers and try to match them to the chosen balls, but this time with the help of a live dealer. There is also the option for side bets in some live dealer lottery games. You can wager on factors such as the overall number of numbers drawn, the proportion of even or odd numbers are chosen, and more.