On-Grid Solar Inverter for Home

Solar energy is increasingly recognized as a viable and sustainable source of power. At the heart of a solar power system is the solar inverter, a crucial component that makes the electricity generated by the solar panels usable by standard electrical devices. This article explains the total cost of a 3 Phase, 5kW On-Grid Solar Inverter and gives a breakdown of what you get for your money.

Understanding Solar Inverters

Before delving into the price details, it’s important to understand what a Solar Inverter does. This device converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into an alternating current (AC). The AC form of electricity is compatible with most domestic and commercial appliances, making the power generated by the solar panels usable in everyday settings.

The most economical and efficient solar inverter, functioning on lower costing and superior operational principles, falls into the category of Grid interactive/connected system. Such a system operates only when power is available both from the solar panels and the grid. Here, the energy from the solar panel gets utilized first, after which the balance is sourced from the grid.

The surplus solar energy, in this system, may be either exported back into the grid or trimmed – this means no excess production gets wasted. Depending on the energy requirements and operational conditions, the role of the grid and the solar power can be defined as Main & Backup, or they could be used interchangeably in a load-sharing arrangement.

The Cost of a 3 Phase, 5kW On-Grid Solar Inverter

Now, let’s move to the crux of the matter – the complete cost of a 3 Phase, 5kW On-Grid Solar Inverter. As per the data available from leading solar inverter manufacturers, the total cost of this specific model for a grid-connected solar system is approximately Rs. 91,000 or equivalent in other currencies. This price is all-inclusive and encompasses all applicable charges.
But what does this cost cover?

The cost includes the essential device (i.e., the inverter), combining the advantages of both grid and solar power. This 3 phase inverter is suitable for an array of applications, therefore ideal for domestic and small-scale commercial uses. At a power rating of 5kW, the inverter is able to handle a good load, making it an excellent choice for households or small businesses planning to switch to solar power or augment their existing grid supply with clean energy.

This model also provides the ability to balance power consumption between solar and grid power, which can be a boon in areas where the grid supply might be inconsistent. Furthermore, it enables optimal utilization of surplus solar power through a trim or export mechanism.

The cost also covers the installation and integration with solar panels and the grid. As part of a comprehensive package, this ensures you have a fully operational, efficient, and reliable solar power system that can provide a significant portion, if not all, of your electricity requirements. You can also check out the top 10 solar inverter manufacturers for better comparison.


In conclusion, investing in solar power via a 3 Phase, 5kW On-Grid Solar Inverter is a beneficial decision, in terms of both economy and environment. The total cost of Rs. 91,000 is a comprehensive estimate that factors in all the elements necessary for successful and efficient solar power utilization. Therefore, it must be viewed as an investment towards sustainability and reduced dependency on conventional power grids, rather than just a standalone cost