Movies to Watch For Game Lovers

You can find something fun for the whole family in the best video game movies, which offer so much variety that even a hardcore horror game enthusiast with a taste for gore can find something to enjoy.

Today’s big studios are investing time and money in giving game worlds the adaptations they deserve, thanks to a new generation of filmmakers who grew up playing video games. As new films like Uncharted hit theaters and compete for their place in our prestigious rankings, we’ll keep the list updated with the best video game movies.

Despite our firm rules, we are fair when it comes to choosing the best video game movies. It is important that these films are based on specific video games, rather than being just set in fictional worlds like Free Guy and Ready Player One. If you’re a gamer, you will find a movie on this list that’s worth putting your controller down and picking up a bag of popcorn. Comedies, horrors, and gory deaths are all featured. Have fun!

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Resident Evil

Cinematic brilliance is not present here. It’s still fun to watch this 2002 release. Among the many Resident Evil films, the first still stands out as the best. With its deliberate move away from replicating its source material’s slow, tension-building pace, it makes a bold choice from director Paul Anderson, who is known for his video game adaptation work. Here, you will not have to tiptoe in terror. Even if it sacrifices authenticity for speed, this Resident Evil captures its inspiration’s more urgent moments to a reasonable degree, even if that comes at a cost.

Do you still have doubts about this critically-panned movie? Not only has Roger Ebert listed this as his most hated film, but James Cameron has also listed it as one of his biggest guilty pleasures. Resident Evil is definitely worth watching. However, just go into it with the expectation that you will enjoy it.

Detective Pickachu

Having made more than $436 million worldwide, the video game movie became the highest-grossing movie of all time. Due to the fact that Ryan Reynolds voiced Pikachu in Detective Pickachu, the movie’s success isn’t surprising. In addition to its beautiful cast, the movie accurately captures the Pokemonuniverse

Tom Raider

Only a handful of films have been made about Lara Croft, and the latest may be the best. In an effort to deliver a more thoughtful, grounded protagonist, director Roar Uthaug revisits the 2013 reboot of the game series.

There is actually a lot of good content in the first hour or so. In moments of poignancy, Alicia Vikander plays an impressive Croft who interacts convincingly with the rest of the cast. Despite its flaws, her performance serves as proof that the story and character of Lara are worth exploring. Vikander shares the character we know with us, but as the action ramps up, that character fades, and we’re left with rather cliched high-octane cinema. As Lara becomes less important, there is still fun to be had, but it is decreasingly so.

Overall, Tomb Raider falls a long way short of perfection. There’s plenty to watch here, and it hints at what an excellent Croft movie could be like.

Werewolves Within

The amount of entertainment this movie provides is unwarranted. A smart and funny horror film that loosely adapts Ubisoft’s VR game, the film weaves the theme of a small group of people who might all be monsters in disguise. A storm strikes Beaverfield, power generators are sabotaged, and a dead body or two is discovered. Ranger Finn arrives in Beaverfield just as the storm hits. It is only possible for one out of a small group of residents to be responsible, and the group begins to become paranoid and suspicious. It’s a perfect match to have Josh Ruben as a director, as he penned and directed Shudder’s equally smart Scare Me. Fans of Veep and The Tomorrow War will enjoy Sam Richardson’s portrayal of Finn, while Harvey Guillén’s role as part of a tech millionaire couple will delight What We Do In The Shadows fans.

The Last of Us

As Joel and Ellie navigate a dilapidated Boston, their adventures are filled with scares, drama, and tenderness. Twenty years after a highly contagious cordyceps outbreak has left humans isolated and quarantined in small regions, The Last of Us follows three characters who must survive the outbreak.

From beginning to end, it is captivating. This game is not only visually impressive with its ruined buildings and amazing facial animations, but its relationships with its characters make it so enjoyable.

Wrapping Up

That is all for this fun post. At least we hope you had fun. If you have something to share or ask, please leave your comments below. We will get back to you soon.