Maximizing Your Streaming Setup with dual screen monitor: Tips and Tricks

So you have jumped on the latest trends – you are now using a dual-screen monitor. That’s absolutely fantastic. But you’re not entirely done yet. There’s more to explore. This article will talk about the tips and tricks of setting up your monitor for streaming purposes alone. 

Suppose you are using the Geminos, dual-screen monitor. In that case, this is mainly for you because these tips and tricks will surround how you can maximize your streaming setup so that you can be entertained even much more than before. 

There’s one more thing. They are simple tricks. So you don’t have to start thinking about whether or not you can implore them – because you can. No matter your level of knowledge with computer setup, this is completely DIY. But before then, if you aren’t using a Geminos dual-screen monitor, here’s why you are missing out.

Why You Need The Geminos Dual Screen Monitor

First, this is not a means to advertise one monitor over another. These are just plain facts that make us recommend this monitor. 

No Need To Line Up Displays

If you are using any other dual monitor, this is a common practice you must indulge in before you can start watching that exciting movie. You first need to go into the laptop’s settings to ensure that the displays are the exact sizes; no one likes to watch a film with one side of the screen bigger or smaller than the other. But if you are on a Geminos, you won’t need to do all of that. The screens are already of the same size since it is a two-in-one monitor.

No Need To Make The Monitors Match

Another problem that could come with other dual monitors is that you have to manually adjust the screens so that they match and can stand side-by-side without looking like one’s horizontal and the other’s vertical. You must also push the two monitors together to look just as one. For a Geminos, again, there’s no need. The Mobile Pixels dual screen monitor is already of the sand size and is constructed together as one. 

Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Streaming Experience

Now that we are done with that, here are the tips to help you maximize your streaming experience on dual-screen monitor. 

Change the positions depending on the audience size.

Are you going to be having your friends and family over for movie night? Then do this. Open up your Geminos dual-screen monitor and then slide the monitor up the back panel. This will automatically raise the monitor until the two screens join and become one. Easy, bigger screen in a second.

Don’t forget the speakers!

You have to connect your speakers with most other dual monitors because the monitor’s speaker is not so good. The bad thing that comes with that is the wires. No one wants to watch an exciting movie and be worried about the speakers getting detached with a pet comes running along. With the Geminos dual screen monitor, there are already speakers designed with the monitor. No wires, no worries, and the best sound in the world. 

Voice search magical tool.

Have you ever wanted to look for new movies, and your keyboard is just so far away? Even if this has never happened to you, there’s no doubt this tip won’t help. Instead of scrolling through thousands of resources, the microphone feature of the monitor can allow you to voice search on any website that permits voice search. It is faster, more accurate, and so much easier. 

Who says you can’t use third-party devices

Just because we talked about how you might not need to attach your speakers doesn’t mean you can’t. The Geminos dual screen monitor allows you to connect any speaker or device through the Two USB Type C and Two HDMI ports connectivity.

No one says you have to sit at your desk.

If it’s a usual dual-screen monitor, you always have to put it at your work desk, and that makes it almost very difficult for you to become flexible with streaming. The Geminos dual screen monitor does not need you to carry two heavy monitors around. You only need to carry one. Plus, if you close the lid for the Geminos Mobile Pixel monitor, you’d be shocked at how much it would feel like you are simply carrying a laptop. Talk about a breeze.


Now that you know of the benefits of the Geminos dual-screen monitor and the tricks that you can implore to make your streaming experience much better, stop hesitating. Get your Geminos now and start streaming better as well.