In Rainbow Six, the fifth player is deservedly Jeggz

The discipline Rainbow Six has made significant changes to the starting lineup, as reported by Natus Vincere. Recently, Nathan, currently part of MNM Gaming, left the gaming club. A new player was quickly enough found for this place, and Jeggz became him. This lineup is confirmed and will participate in a closed follow-up qualification in 2023 for Europe for the Six Invitational. Check out the iBet789 platform for more information and upcoming events in sports and eSports. See it for yourself right now.

Main team composition

If looking at the updated Rainbow Six team roster, it includes the following players:

  • Skiddy;
  • Kayak;
  • T3b;
  • Leadr;
  • Jeggz.

The coach of the team is deservedly Alo. It is assumed that this is the composition of the team this year. And to follow your favorites, visit the site of iBet 789. Here you will find only verified information.

Features of the Rainbow Six lineup

The roster for the coming year 2023 had to undergo some changes, which should benefit the team. One of the team members, Nathan, was asked to join the main MNM Gaming squad. His request was immediately granted, and maybe in the future, he will have more success and achievements, but as a member of the new team. That’s why the next Six Invitational qualifiers, scheduled for 2023, will feature Jeggz instead. The first matches will be held on January 29-30 this year, so do not miss this event. And if you perform the iBet789 app download on your device, you will be able to watch the tournaments, their results, and if you want to make bets. It is very convenient; make sure of that right today.

Jeggz has been a member of the TENSTAR team since 2021. The Finnish cyber athlete managed to win with his team the same year. In 2022, he finished second in the European Challenger League. Today, he is considered one of the strongest players on the represented level. However, the bar for his performance only increases every year, leaving the established competitors behind

Very soon, viewers will be able to enjoy the game of a renewed team, showing their strength in the fight for a ticket to the upcoming championship. So make sure to take advantage of the qualifying rounds announced for the end of January this year. For this, download the app from the company iBet789. Thousands of users have already evaluated the convenience of this option, do not lag behind them and you. Easy registration and quick verification will not distract you from your exciting adventure in the world of betting.