How to choose the best online casino in India?

The casino bonuses are divided into 2 big categories – for new users and all players (or regular players). Newcomers are those who registered up to 30 days ago. Important condition: If a user already had an account but deleted it, or the page was blocked, he will not be considered a new visitor to the casino.ae888

Rules for choosing online casinos with bonuses

The best casino online India, to survive in a competitive environment, tries to surprise new and regular players with its bonuses. Promotions come in several types, but all have similarities. What bonuses do online casino offers to newcomers

Newcomers can count on a series of bonuses:

· Deposits. The more funds a user deposits, the higher their bonus will be. But they are awarded within a limit. For instance, there is a limit of up to Rs 2,000. If a player deposits 2,100 Indian rupees, he will still only get 2,000 bonus coins.

· Freespins. Free spins are given out in certain machines. They can change every week, every month. Predominantly the choice of the slot is conditioned by the contract with the provider who creates the new slot machine. To promote it in the casino, the manufacturer offers free spins, for example, to new players who have not had time to explore the entire website interface and are happy to try out the slot with free spins.

· Freespins and deposit multipliers are the main types of bonuses for new players. In different gambling clubs, their size is different. But the essence is the same: you can use the bonus program only within 30 days after registration.

The advantage of some newbie bonuses is that they do not require any conditions to be met. To multiply the deposit, a regular player needs to deposit a certain amount. For example, 2000 INR. And then another 30% bonus coins will be added to his balance. If a $190 deposit is made, the condition will not be met, and the user will not receive anything.

It’s easier for newbies. There are casinos with registration bonuses, i.e. unconditional gifts from the club. All you have to do is create and activate your account to get a free deposit or to get spins to play slots without risking your wallet.

How an operator builds a loyalty program

Among the rules for choosing an online casino with bonuses, it’s worth considering clubs that have a loyalty program. This is a system of ranking players, which ensures that they are allocated into several categories, ranks, levels, etc.

Immediately after registration, the player gets to the first level. It gives minimum bonuses. When the amount on the balance has reached a certain point (and at the expense of top-ups with his funds, not winnings), the user reaches the next level, and so on.

The essence of an online casino loyalty program:

· each level has its privileges;

· the higher the level of the player, the greater the number of bonuses and gifts from the gaming club, he can count on;

· to earn a new level, you must meet a certain condition, it is usually associated with a deposit of a specified amount.

By increasing his rank, the visitor automatically gets a better chance of winning, as new opportunities open up to him. These include games in closed tournaments for VIP visitors, slots with maximum jackpots, etc.

A special privilege for VIP players is a fast withdrawal. Statistics show that VIP players get their money to their wallets or cards within a day. Usually, the transfer speed is not more than 1-2 hours.

Problems of the most active players are specially solved by the administration. Such customers have a dedicated line of specialists who answer lightning-fast. Therefore, for any issues of technical nature (malfunction in the slot, long crediting when making a deposit) administration decides out of turn.

To receive all the benefits of the loyalty program, you need to be constantly active. If a player forgets about the casino, over time, his rating may fall, as the calculation of ranking is carried out every month (quarter, year, week). The advantage of the system is that if you deposit a very large amount in your account, you can immediately “jump” a few steps up the rank, gaining VIP status ahead of time. But then you have to keep it, constantly depositing maximum funds to get all the privileges of the casino loyalty program.

How tournaments are run at top online casinos

To attract the interest of new players and retain regular players, TOP casinos hold tournaments. These can earn you more money than the usual applications. But also the terms of play in a tournament will be different from the standard participation, for example in poker and live dealer casinos.

Casino tournaments are held at regular intervals. Usually every week. To participate, in most cases, some conditions must be met. These can be making a weekly deposit of Rs 1,000 or more, winning a slot or card game, participating in a weekly promotion, etc. There are also unconditional tournaments that even beginners can participate in.

Another peculiarity of the tournaments is their urgency. They are limited in time, unlike fun at the slots or the poker table. When a tournament comes to an end, and the best player receives his prize, the date of the next one is announced.

Tournaments are run with equal participation for all those who qualify. There are no special conditions for VIP players as even a newcomer has a chance to win. Honestly, these tournaments attract newcomers who want to try their hand at a table with more experienced and risky players.

Tournaments are held under the strict control of the casino administration. Any attempts to influence the tournament results are punished by the expulsion of a player from the tournament, as well as his further blocking on the website (if similar cases have been repeated). Equal rights of all participants allow everyone, who passed the selection, to win.

The duration of online casino tournaments is usually one or two days. The former may be held daily, while the latter is held on weekends when the number of players on the site increases dramatically. There are also longer competitions. They can last for a week or more. These are

distinguished by large prizes. For example 50000 INR for the first place. In one-day tournaments, the winnings usually do not exceed INR 15,000. But there are some exceptions.

To participate in online casino tournaments you need to fulfill several conditions: be an active player, follow and follow the rules of the competition, choose tournaments where all players have an equal chance of winning (not just the VIPs), and take risks to achieve the best result.