How Gamification Can Become an Inspiring Factor In Life

Gamification means adding gaming mechanics into environments that are otherwise non-game ones. These gaming elements include badges, points, rewards, etc. on completion of a predefined task. Businesses make use of this concept to drive customer engagement, motivate sales teams and increase usage of their product or service.

Here are the top 9 benefits that gamification can bring to our lives:

  • Reduce Stress

We all love to play games. For example, a good game of cards like rummy, can make the dullest of moments fun and engaging. By gamifying any task, we are making it more challenging and fun. Online games like the Indian Rummy are engrossing. What’s more, the addition of newer variations to the classic Indian Rummy along with cool offers ensures that players never get bored of the rummy games. Gamification thus helps us in reducing stress.

  • Enhances user experience

Gamification of e-learning platforms makes learning more engaging with the use of points, badges, and rewards. If you complete an ascertained task, you get points. Acquiring a fixed number of points gets you badges. And earning a certain number of badges gets you a reward.

In the classic Indian rummy game online, there are “invite-only” tournaments for which one can participate by following the social media accounts of Classic Rummy. Also, there are club tourneys, where minimum gameplay in the last 30 days earns you a place every Saturday in the club tourneys.

  • Real-Time Feedback

Unlike appraisals and exams, gamification gives us instant results and real-time feedback for our actions. 

  • Improves critical thinking skills and sharpens memory

Gamification motivates one to play more and more, thus leading to improved practice and sharpened skills. 

Let’s take a closer look at the classic Indian rummy. Playing well at rummy requires sharp memory, logical reasoning, analytical and mathematical skills. It requires you to remember the cards picked and discarded by your opponents so that you get the cards you require to win.

If you closely monitor and find a pattern in your opponent’s play, you will have the upper hand. Finding a pattern and analyzing it sharpens logical reasoning. Also, rummy being a game of numbers, the chances are that you get good results if you are good at numbers. Your skills to visualise, conceptualise and articulate also get sharpened while playing rummy games.

  1. Develops Patience

Unlike most games, which need an aggressive approach, Indian rummy is a game of patience and perseverance. You can win only if you carefully strategize and plan your game and patiently wait for the cards that you need to win.

  • Develops competitive spirit

 High scores, points, rewards, and leader board rankings provide a classic competitive environment needed for maximizing player performance. In online games like rummy, playing with multiple players at the same time, that too all strangers, motivates players to sharpen their skills and master how to play rummy in its various variations.

  • Helps make new social connections

Playing online games like Indian rummy and gaining access to exclusive online clubs puts you in touch with like-minded people who could become lifelong friends. Hence, it negates the notion that the digital world is increasing the tribe of loners in the world.

  • Brings in revenue in the form of a side income

Playing online games repeatedly over a period of time builds your expertise in it and can bring in a substantial amount of money in the form of cash prizes. The Classic Rummy tourneys offer cash prizes and bonuses of more than a crore a month to be won. Not to mention the gains from promotions like cash backs and referrals.

  • Maintain Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The world of gamification and online games brings a sense of balance to our lives. Moreover, games like Indian rummy have been an integral part of our childhood days and bring back fond memories of fun family times.

  • A fun way to stay active

The pandemic locked us in our own homes and threw us challenges we never knew existed. Most of us were at a loss as to how to kill time and keep ourselves entertained and active at home. That’s when gamification and games like rummy came to our rescue. An added positive was that the current generation, who was not familiar with rummy also got hooked on to online games like Indian rummy and learned the Indian rummy rules. It was a fun way to stay active, engrossed, and prevent boredom.


There are several other lessons that gamification can teach us for life – diligence, focus, a winning attitude, and more. For now, let’s just say, taken in the right spirit and with the right attitude, gamification, and online games like rummy can be a life-changer.