How AssureShift has made Itself the Top Reference Portal for Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

The moving industry has long been filled with potential issues and pitfalls that have made moving a fearful aspect of everyday life. While moving has a lot of work involved, finding a good relocation company in itself has become an issue. This has led to the rise of packers and movers reference portals that help consumers connect with reliable movers who can do the job for them.

One such company is AssureShift. AssureShift has not only created a process for this but also has become an industry leader in a short span of years. Although they have been providing Professional moving services in Hyderabad for more than 8 years, just that isn’t enough to push it all the way to the top.

So, we spoke to their founder and did some digging on our own to figure out what makes them tick and how they have become the defacto packers and reference portal in Hyderabad.

A Bit About AssureShift

Assureshift is an online platform that connects consumers with trustworthy relocation companies that serve their moving requirements. The company has been in operation for more than 8 years. They are headquartered in Bangalore but serve nearly thirty major cities including all of the tier I cities around the country.

The Reasons for their Success

AssureShift has a few key factors that have ensured the organisation’s success. The founder says there is no single reason for their success but rather the result of concentrated efforts on making the move and the process of hiring movers simple and hassle-free.

A Network of Verified Companies

AssureShift connects consumers with trustworthy moving companies to deliver exceptional relocation services. This is achieved by a dedicated in-house team that thoroughly verifies each moving company before featuring them on the platform. So you don’t have to worry about fake movers that charge exorbitant prices.

The verification process includes a comprehensive check of the following key elements and documents:

Company GST registration
Office details and website
Owner ID proof
Contact details
Work history with performance
Customer reviews and satisfaction

Quality Services at Industry Leading Prices

AssureShift aims to provide the best service possible at the quoted price. While the organisation does admit that calling its prices the lowest in the industry might be misleading since there are many players that offer services at meagre costs but often have shoddy service quality to go with it.

AssureShift, on the other hand, offers services of the highest quality while keeping costs low. Whether it is mainstream moving services like home relocation, vehicle transport and warehousing or niche services like plant and pet relocation, you can be assured, you get the best prices in the industry for the quality of service being offered.

You get several additional benefits of hiring movers through Assureshift like dedicated move managers, cargo tracking facilities, insurance, free storage and warehousing while also providing end-to-end coverage on every move which means you only have to hire and give the details, the rest are handled by the movers as detailed by AssureShift’s relocation process.

Impeccable Customer Support

Customer Service is something the company prides itself at. The relocation industry, even with all of its technological advancements, is mired with unexpected pitfalls and issues. So things can go south at any point during the move and being able to reach the movers is an important aspect.

AssureShift has ensured that you are in the know about any potential issues during the move through their support team. You can always get in touch with them in case of queries and have them solved quickly. This adds an extra level of confidence and trust between you and the movers. So you can rest easy knowing about the state of your delivery.

Transparency and Accountability

Another huge advantage that AssureShift possesses over its rivals is accountability and transparency. The service and the way they go about it are very transparent. There are no hidden charges, everything is detailed properly in the quotes and each step is notified clearly. You always get what you see.

The movers also behave in a professional manner and follow the company’s guidelines. This is because AssureShift monitors every move and holds the movers accountable in case of any mishaps. They have a system where customer feedback plays a major role in the ranking and referring of relocation companies.

If a complaint is received against a mover listed on the platform, action is taken against them to ensure it does not repeat again. Great service means they get higher rankings and are referred more often(if they meet your moving requirements) and bad services usually beget severe penalties. Some offences can also mean suspension or the permanent blacklisting of the packer and mover in question. These are the usual actions taken against subpar service or unprofessional behaviour:

penalizing unprofessional movers by temporarily suspending.
and permanently delisting their business profiles from the website and blacklisting them.

Simple and Easy-to-use Interface to Hire the Right Movers

If you are planning to use their platform for your relocation needs, AssureShift adheres to the following steps to obtain the best results as per your relocation requirements and budget needs

Fill out the inquiry form with your moving requirements.
Get free referrals and quotes from 3 top moving companies in Bangalore.
Compare their charges, services, profiles, reviews, and ratings.
Hire the best-suited mover for you and start your move with a stress-free mind.


AssureShift is revolutionizing the relocation industry, offering consumers 21st-century solutions via its network of credible movers in Bangalore. The company is leading the way towards a more stress-free and efficient future. This has made them one of the top reference portals for packers and movers not only in Hyderabad but also in the Country.