Fact Meaning in Hindi / Fact (फैक्ट) का हिन्दी में मतलब

Fact का हिन्दी में मतलब नीचे दिए अनुसार है: Meaning of Fact in Hindi

  • तथ्य
  • ऐसी घटना या जानकारी जिसको सत्यापित किया जा सके
  • हकिकत
  • वस्तविकता
  • सत्य
  • यथार्थता
  • पुष्टि किये जा सकने वाला बयान या दावा
  • एक घटना जो जो सत्य है
  • एक जानकारी जिसे दस्तावेज़ों से साबित किया जा सके

Fact Meaning in English / Fact (फैक्ट) का इंग्लिश में मतलब

Fact का अंग्रेजी में मतलब नीचे दिए अनुसार है:

  • a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred
  •  Any information or event, something for which proof exists.
  • exact detailed information
  • something that is true or something that has occurred or has been proven correct.
  • pieces of information which are correct.
  • the state of things as they are; reality; actuality; truth
  • A statement or assertion of verified information about something

Fact उच्चारण

Fact  //fækt/ (noun) – फैक्ट

Examples of Fact / Fact शब्द के उदाहरण

  • This is the Fact that Earth is not flat.
  • I’m not angry that you took my car – it’s just the Fact that you didn’t ask me first
  • I think there is one key Fact that you have overlooked.
  • In Fact, he must be struggling to float on the ocean of problems this family represented.
  • The sad Fact is that the American hostages in Iraq were forgotten casualties of war.
  • This is a Fact that we still don’t have so many female representatives in our parliament.
  • In this post you can read some amazing Facts about Parrot in Hindi.  – Gyanbaksa
  • It is impossible for any one with whom Helen is conversing to be particularly happy or sad, and withhold the knowledge of this Fact from her.
  • To determine a Fact is to decide, from the evidence, whether something existed or some event occurred   (Source)
  • The true Fact of life is that we all are going to die one day.
  • He’s so likeable you almost forgive the Fact that his character has only one joke. – Times, Sunday Times (2016)

What are Synonyms of Fact (Fact के पर्यायवाची शब्द):

Fact के पर्यावाची शब्द नीचे दिए गए हैं:

  • Reality
  • actuality
  • authenticity

What are Antonyms of Fact (Fact के विलोम शब्द)

Fact के विलोम शब्द नीचे दिए गए हैं:

  • lie ,
  • fiction
  • Delusion
  • Fable
  • Fabrication
  • Falsehood
  • Untruth
  • tall story
  • assumption
  • inference
  • appraisal

What are Some related words for Fact (Fact के सम्बंधित शब्द)

  • existence
  • matter
  • experience
  • truth
  • certainty
  • Reality
  • Actually
  • Genuineness
  • Naked truth
  • Certain
  • Indeed
  • Clearly

अन्य भाषाओं में Fact (फैक्ट) को क्या कहा जाता है?

अन्य भाषाओँ में Fact का मतलब नीचे दिया गया है:

  • Marathi: खरं
  • Nepali: वास्तवमा
  • Spanish: hecho
  • Russian: факт (fakt)
  • Italian: fatto
  • French: fait
  • Portuguese: Facto
Fact meaning in Hindi

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