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Every happiness is on one side, and getting your favorite food delivered to your home is on another side. If you are someone in Bhopal and have your Swiggy logged in 24*7 for satiating your foodie knack, then you must be relating to this story. Getting food at home was the best feeling until 2020. The hit of COVID- 19 pandemic horrified people to a great extent. And home delivery was no more associated with food. It got associated with medication and help. However, it is 2023, but the demand for safety and security while delivering food is still as important as that in 2020. Therefore, Swiggy in Bhopal has made the safety of food delivery a mandate for most restaurants.   

Here are the safety measures ensured by the restaurants at Swiggy in Bhopal.   

Safety Measures for Home Delivery in Bhopal at Swiggy  

WHO (World Health Organization) has released several protocols associated with home delivery during the pandemic. These are followed by 90% of the restaurants at Swiggy. Here are the same.   

  • Maintaining Social Distance  


Two feet of distance between people has become a life-saving rule for all. This rule is strictly followed by every delivery partner for home delivery at Swiggy as well. The delivery partner arrives at the doorstep and keeps up a distance of at least 6 feet. The parcels are either kept close to the customer or handed over to the person for sheer safety.  


  • Disinfecting The Restaurants Frequently  


Pest control, frequent disinfecting of the hotels and restaurants, sanitation of the place at regular intervals, and sanitizers at the doorstep has become compulsory in most of the restaurants in Bhopal. This also ensures safe home delivery through hygienic food items by restaurants.  


  • Full-time Masks  


Each of the service partners and the delivery man for home delivery wears masks throughout the delivery process. The delivery man wears a mask while taking the food parcel from the restaurant, carrying it, and handing it over to the customer. They even carry additional gear for cases of coughing or sneezing.   

  • Temperature Check Before Delivery  


Swiggy has an additional feature along with the tracking system. This updates the customer about the ongoing temperature of the delivery man. He is checked right before leaving for the delivery. In case the temperature is high, then the delivery person for home delivery will be changed. The customer can point out the same in case they have any issues regarding the temperature or health concerns of the deliveryman.   

  • Safety Gears by the Delivery Partners 


Swiggy’s delivery partners have complete gear associated with the home delivery service. They wear masks, rubber gloves, and a head cap throughout the delivery service. Some delivery partners even skip removing helmets while delivering. Therefore, there are 90% less chances of transmission of any virus.   

  • Complete Sanitation  


The team for home delivery of food at Swiggy always carries sanitizers with them. They sanitize not only the hand but also the parcel. This safety measure has been in extreme practice since 2020.  

  • Contactless Delivery  


There are no chances of getting in touch with the delivery person on any grounds. During the pandemic, Swiggy followed strict contactless delivery protocols in which the parcel was kept at the doorstep, and the doorbell was rung. This can be done today also if the customer demands. However, the package is still delicately delivered without getting in touch.   

  • Usage Of the Arogya Setu App  


Arogya Setu App is a government-prescribed application for finding out any infectious person or infection nearby. The delivery person also uses this application for home delivery to ensure mutual safety.   

These are some of the standard measures taken by most of the restaurants at Swiggy in Bhopal and across India. Feel safe to order online.  

Safety Measures for Home Delivery in Bhopal by Customers  


Well, it is best said, “Only self can do the best for self”. This is why safety during home delivery is not just the concern of the delivery partner but of the customer too. As one, here is what you can do.  

  • Sanitize The Parcel Before Opening  


The first and foremost thing you must swallow as a regular practice during home delivery is that you must sanitize the parcel right when you hold it. It is compulsory to sanitize the parcel from outside as it is taken through several roads from the restaurant to the delivery partner to your home. But make sure to keep the sanitizer away from food.


  • Wear Safety Gear While Receiving the Parcel 


Wearing a pair of gloves and a mask while taking the parcel from the delivery person is like getting a double check of sanitation done altogether. This is one of the safest measures to avoid any infectious communication between you and the delivery partner.   

  • Go Contactless in Case You Are Sick  


If you are looking for home delivery because you are sick and cannot go out, then it is crucial for you to stay safe even on your premises. So, apart from wearing the safety gear, you can also suggest contactless delivery. For this, you can ask the delivery person to keep the parcel at the door. If it is COD, then you can slip the money through the door or make an online payment through the contact number. The delivery person will thoroughly cooperate with you in this.   

  • Sanitize The Environment After the Delivery Partner Leaves  


You can even sanitize the environment by spraying sanitizer in the air after the person for home delivery leaves. This will kill every left-out infection in the environment. You can install the Arogya Setu app to check on the same.  

Home delivery in Bhopal has been known for its safety measures and obeyance to the protocols given by WHO. Swiggy cooperates in this safety throughout, creating a secure and flexible environment for the customer. As one, you must also take care on your grounds to fight against every virus and enjoy lip-smacking delicacies with safety in Bhopal. For greater awareness, you must also participate in World Food Safety Day on 7 June 2021, which generates all the measures that a restaurant and a homemaker must take to prevent food-borne diseases.   

Good food desires a good mood and not any fear. So, enjoy to the fullest with Swiggy home delivery.   


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