Fuel Pump Selection Guide: Factors To Consider for All Makes Models

Picking a new fuel pump can be tricky if you have modified your vehicle because your engine’s needs will no longer be perfectly lined up with the manufacturer’s specifications for fuel flow. That means OEM options might not work for you. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn how to pick the right fuel pump on your own.

Fuel Pump Selection Basics

There are three factors that you need to consider when choosing a fuel pump no matter what kind of car you have or what kind of customization you have done to it. These factors determine a pump’s basic compatibility with your vehicle’s needs.

Your engine’s horsepower
The fuel pressure your vehicle needs to maintain into the engine
Your vehicle’s alternator voltage

Higher engine power means your vehicle needs a higher volume of fuel flowing into it. The ratio is about 10hp per gallon of flow rate, but that changes depending on the exact fuel pressure you need. You can find that in your vehicle’s detailed specs for technicians. Your current alternator output also matters because a fuel pump for car models that use an electric motor flow faster at a higher voltage. Product specifications tend to be the flow rate for 13.5 volts, so if your vehicle is operating closer to 12v, you need to adapt your flow calculation.

Fuel Pumps for BMW Models

The OEM manufacturer for BMW’s fuel pumps is Bosch, so if you are looking to make a direct replacement of the one you have, you just need the part number. You might also be able to update it to a higher performance model made for your vehicle, and there are additional manufacturers that supply that market as well as Bosch pumps that might work as alternatives to the OEM recommendation.¬†Choosing a new fuel pump for BMW models that have been modified is a matter of calculating your engine’s increased fuel needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to that.

Fuel Pumps for Toyota Camry Models

If you have an unmodified Camry, you might be able to simply do a direct replacement of the OEM fuel pump for Toyota Camry by looking up the part number or shopping with a retailer that has VIN lookup to match you with parts. If you’ve made changes to the fuel system or the engine, then you will need a chart to help you pick one that meets your new needs. Basic Delphi or TruGrade fuel pumps start as low as $55 to $125, but performance pumps can go as high as $1750, give or take. That’s why you need to understand exactly what you need when you shop.

Get Help Finding Your Ideal Fuel Pump

Just as there are some places you can use a VIN lookup to find the OEM parts for your vehicle, there are some that can help you figure out your fuel pump needs without having to become an expert yourself. If you need to speed things up a little, consider using an online calculator or using an advanced fit guide that takes a lot of the legwork out of your calculations. That makes finding the right fuel pump a lot easier.