8 Free AI Paragraph Generators for Writing

Whether it’s project briefings, emails, meeting notes, product releases, or other content pieces, writing is an essential component of collaboration in the workplace. Getting these chores crossed off your to-do list might take a lot of time, which can cause a backlog next to some of the more urgent jobs. With the development of AI and ChatGPT, a new era of AI writing tools for use at work—regardless of the type of content you’re working on—is now possible.

AI writing-generating tools are a welcome addition to tech stacks worldwide, with the rise of artificial intelligence being used in content creation, customer care, and more, assisting teams to remain competitive, effective, and strategic in their job. 

We’ve compiled the free AI text-generating tools to use at work in 2023, whether you’re trying to produce a prompt for a project, compose a business strategy, or respond to an email.


The HIX.AI Paragraph Generator is a revolutionary tool with several advantages. This AI paragraph generator lowers the total cost of creating significant volumes of material by employing this solution instead of paying costly authors. Furthermore, the creation process is relatively quick, enabling you to get well-written paragraphs in seconds.

You are free to choose the target market and tone of voice, ensuring that the material aligns with the message you desire to convey. You may effectively engage your ideal readers with this degree of personalization. The program has many options for the kinds of paragraphs it can produce. No matter what type of paragraph you need—an introduction, a description, an explanation, an argument, a reflection, an expert quotation or interview, a narrative, a comparison or contrast, or a conclusion—HIX.AI has you covered. The programme will automatically construct the proper text if you only supply the essential prompts and points.

Additionally, HIX.AI’s paragraphs are SEO-friendly (search engine optimized). Your target keyword may be entered, and the programme will ensure it appears appropriately throughout the produced material. While optimizing, readability, and fluidity were not sacrificed. Besides being optimized for search engines, HIX.AI’s material prioritizes human readability and adheres to Google’s content standards. Click here to try HIX.AI.



  • You can retain the caliber of your material while saving time and money. 
  • With only a few clicks, you may get professionally written paragraphs tailored to your needs.


  • The AI powering the product might only partially comprehend the context or particular business subtleties.
  • The produced paragraphs could be superficial or miss the nuances of some topics.


A paragraph-generation from Copy.ai focuses on writing for social media, blogs, and emails. It has capabilities that ChatGPT lacks, like the ability to summarize YouTube videos and convert LinkedIn profiles into bullet points.

How does Copy.ai’s paragraph builder operate? Start a conversation and instruct Copy.ai to make your request. The document may be edited as you go to make sure it seems natural and is consistent with your brand or personal voice.

For some use cases, exploring one of these Copy.ai alternatives would be worthwhile since, while it can create new content, it doesn’t make it simple to combine already published information.


  • As an alternative to ChatGPT, Copy.ai’s chat-based interface was created with an inline document editor to simplify editing.
  • You can create paragraphs in over 29 languages if you subscribe to a subscription plan.


  • For free users, there is a monthly word cap.
  • Less user input is supported compared to other paragraph generators.

Hypotenuse AI

A content generation tool called Hypotenuse AI concentrates on a few specific use cases, such as e-commerce platforms and fact-based blog posts. You may use the bulk content generator to create dozens of product descriptions, social media captions, and other types of material at once, as well as the Content Detective tool to assist you in finding and citing sources.

Even though Hypotenuse AI contains a lot of valuable capabilities, it does have certain restrictions. Depending on the plan, the credit-based price structure implies you will receive around 25,000 words for 100 credits and a certain amount of plagiarism checks. You can develop and publish product descriptions effortlessly because Hypotenuse AI interfaces with Shopify and other e-commerce solutions.


  • To guarantee that your blog entries are current and properly acknowledge your sources, use this function to uncover accurate stuff online.
  • Instead of beginning from scratch with each piece of content you produce, create a lot of stuff at once.


  • Price structures depend on credit Fewer plagiarism checks


Quillbot also includes a variety of article rewriters and caption generators that can improve the quality of your articles. The Co-Writer can determine the tone and foresee the next word in a sentence, a paragraph, and a structure.

This tool is ideal for creating unique articles, social media posts, essays, long-form material, product descriptions, emails, or other content. It creates personalized content automatically using a potent algorithm. With the use of its plagiarism detection technology, it can confirm that your writing is original. 


  • Give readers dependable and engaging reading experiences
  • Improve your brand’s degree of interaction with potential customers.


  • Only two free writing styles are available. 
  • No OpenAI GPT AI is writing accessible.

Magic write

You can use Magic Write, a copywriting helper, in Canva Docs to compose blog summaries, lists, bio captions, ideas for content, brainstorms, product launches, and more. Magic Write can quickly produce a draft of text that can be utilized in content production by simply entering keywords or describing what you want the AI to produce. It facilitates the production of material and aids in overcoming writer’s block and idea generation.


  • It offers a certain amount of free inquiries, but a Magicwrite membership will give you access to more.


  • While Canva Magic Write might speed up the process, its content might need to be corrected or original. 
  • When it comes to creativity and credibility, this might be a big problem. 


HubSpot’s new AI writing tool is designed to make developing, modifying, and reusing material easier to produce high-value content that will engage readers and bring in new clients. Use HubSpot to refine your ideas into polished content to launch your content strategy for social media, blogs, email marketing, and more. 


  • It offers advanced grammar checks, copy editing, and writing. 
  • Make material that is based on research and optimized for search


  • While Hubspot can speed up the process, its material might need to be more accurate and original. 
  • When it comes to creativity and credibility, this might be a big problem. 

Wordkraft AI

With nearly 67 distinct AI tools, ranging from a created paragraph to lengthy blog post material, Wordkraft AI is one of the best-automated writing tools. This tool comes along with nearly 78 template prompts. Hence the users can work in 27 languages and publish directly to WordPress.

With a restricted free plan and a 7-day free trial, Wordkraft AI is made for social media influencers, digital marketers, agencies, and more.


  • To assist you with writing, create certain sections of an essay or blog post, such as the introduction and conclusion.
  • To spice up your marketing efforts and sales outreach, create welcome emails, follow-up emails, cold emails, and more.


  • 1,500 words maximum on the free plan


Byword is a solution that enables you to produce articles produced by AI at scale and of high quality. With just a few clicks, you can quickly build SEO-optimized articles by uploading hundreds of keywords or titles. Just type in a subject and hit “generate.” You can set it up in under a minute without making any payments.

Because Byword has many cutting-edge capabilities, like picture generation, multi-Language support, and social post generation, it stands out from other article writers. 


  • It also includes Custom Writing Styles appropriate for your websites, social media accounts, and blogs. 
  • Only specific article lengths qualify for the free edition of the app. 


  • Only a keyword, article title, and subheadings are permitted as inputs.
  • Creating your article’s body material is sluggish compared to other AI writing tools.


AI writing technologies are anticipated to become essential tools in company operations as they become more widely available and less expensive. Free AI paragraph generators have revolutionized writing by making various tools available to help and motivate authors. These AI-driven tools offer a quick and practical approach to creating paragraphs, saving authors time and fostering creativity.