Everything You Need To Know About How To Pay Property Tax Online

For centuries, property tax has been recognized across the world. However, before diving deep into how property tax online payment is done nowadays, we first need to be well aware of what it is all about. Well, most of you might have a rough idea about it as the word ‘Property Tax’ defines itself only, but it is very important to know all about it and how it works. 


It is a well-known fact that governments levy taxes on their citizens to generate income for undertaking projects for an economic boost and to upscale the living standards of the citizens. It is the government’s prime source of revenue. 


With the onset of digitalization in recent years, the government has made sure that the facility of paying property tax becomes easy and hassle-free with digital payments. So, property tax online payment can be made from anywhere and anytime. 


What is Property Tax?


To be paid every single year like every other kind of tax, Property Tax is charged by the government on all tangible property an individual owns. Well, to be precise, property here refers to any physical real estate such as houses, office buildings or premises rented to third parties. Further, it depends on the policy of the concerned government whether the tax would be paid to the local state government or the Municipal Corporation. 


How is Property Tax estimated?


Before paying the tax on your valuable piece of property, it is essential to know on what basis it is calculated. It is based on its valuation and appraisal as per the locality in which a person resides. The amount varies depending on the locality’s type of levy, facilities available, and other similar factors. When you have this information, you can even calculate it yourself.


For example, the general formula for Municipal Tax calculation is – Property’s base value X Building type X Age factor X Built-up area X Floor factor X Use category. As this is a manual method, you can also check it via certain online tools before making the property tax online payment


What are the steps to pay property tax online?


Undoubtedly, the internet has made a significant impact on how everything functions, and it has simplified a lot of lives. Gone are the days when paying property tax was considered tedious. Now, the whole procedure to pay property tax digitally is relatively easy, and there are specific steps one needs to follow. 


  1. Go to the official website of your municipal corporation.
  2. Navigate to the page where you’ll be able to file your property tax.
  3. Enter your correct property details and other mandatory information on that page as you fill up the whole form. 
  4. Crosscheck, verify and confirm the information before going further.
  5. Proceed to pay your property tax.
  6. Download the acknowledgement of your receipt. 


As you can see that if these steps are followed correctly, property tax online payment is an easy task, but as this is a sensitive matter, you need to make sure that all the information you put out there should be 100% correct. 


Usually, information such as ownership details, building type, occupancy details, floor area, total area, etc., must be filled here and should be accurate. However, these basic steps involved in paying property tax online might vary depending on the city/town corporation. 


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