Clothing and Accessories Trends We Hope Are a Part of 2023

With a new year comes the potential for a unique collection of clothing and accessories trends. Some only make a brief appearance, while others are around long-term (think athleisure). Here are some of the trends we hope are part of 2023. 


Since we already mentioned it, let’s discuss athleisure, like sneakers, joggers, and Bella + Canvas hoodies. It’s fantastic knowing you can put on an outfit that’s comfortable and presentable and still look stylish, and it’s even better if it took mere minutes to get dressed. That’s what athleisure is, making it one of the trends we hope to continue into 2023.

When choosing athleisure attire, one thing to keep in mind is that many pieces can easily complement others, so the items can be great options for those who want to get the most wear out of the clothing on which they spend their hard-earned money. For example, a structured white t-shirt can go with everything from skirts to joggers to dark wash denim, and a crop top hoodie can go from being a piece you can layer in winter to wearing with shorts in the sultry summer.  

High-Quality Clothing

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of horrifying aspects to the fashion industry and its effect on the environment, which leads us to put high-quality clothing on the list of trends we hope to see in 2023. 

High-quality clothing is usually more expensive, but more often than not, when it’s properly cared for, it’s going to hold up a long time, which means you don’t necessarily need to keep replacing it. These pieces often hold up through multiple washings and wear and, depending on your purchase, can pair well with many items in your closet.  

Spending hundreds of dollars on a single item may seem way out of reach as opposed to spending that on several different pieces. Still, the one expensive, high-quality article far outlasts the other cheaper fast fashion ones that could have improved quality.

If you’d like 2023 to be the year you really focus on building up your wardrobe, make a list of 5 – 10 staples that you know you would get an incredible amount of use out of that would also complement many other items you already own. Some options may include a high-quality pair of black heels, a bomber jacket you can wear through any season, and a hoodie that you can wear as a layering piece or on its own throughout the year. Then, check around online and in some brick-and-mortar stores to see where you can get the best deals for authentic, quality items that add a lot of structure and style to your wardrobe.

Tote Bags

Several states now have a plastic bag ban, so when you show up at the stores there, you need something to carry your goods. Otherwise, you will pay and leave with the items in your hands. So consider the ban and the plastic bag statistics big reasons why tote bags made this list. 

Tote bags are also a lot cuter than plastic bags, not to mention they’re far less likely to break, meaning the snacks you just purchased aren’t going to be busting through the bottom of the bag and falling into a puddle on the sidewalk. There are also many excellent tote bag decorating options, some even involving turning a top you no longer want into a tote you can carry to the store.

Enamel Pins:

Enamel pins have also been quite popular recently, with people attaching and collecting them to their jackets, bags, hats, and more. They’re a great way to show your love and support for something, be it an organization or just a hobby.

Enamel pins are also a great way to add some personality and color to your outfits. They’re very affordable, so you can collect as many as you want and never break the bank. Plus, you can mix and match them to make each outfit unique and show off your personality, making these tiny accessories a must-have for 2023.

Dramatic Sleeves

Dramatic sleeves are one of our favorite types of drama; think of options like puffy and large bell sleeves. So what exactly is it that makes these types of sleeves so appealing?

Life is too crucial for boring fashion, and fashion is too exciting not to have fun with it and try out different looks. You’ve probably seen dramatic sleeves on many red carpets and at other celebrity events, and maybe you’ve thought you have nowhere fancy to wear them, so why even bother? You might have even thought you couldn’t or shouldn’t wear them, but who says? If you’ve been wanting to try balloon sleeves or another type of dramatic sleeve and have yet to do so, consider giving them a try. You may discover your new favorite.

Start small if you need more time to try massively dramatic sleeves. Try tops with sleeves a little more oversized than you’re used to, and go from there. You don’t even have to wait for an event; even something like going out with friends can be an occasion worth showcasing your newfound curiosity about dramatic sleeves.


The pockets are terrific. Forget about the tiny, itty-bitty pockets some pieces of clothing have that can barely fit a safety pin. Do you know one of the reasons many love hoodies? Sure, there’s the style, coziness, and comfort, but there’s also typically a large kangaroo pocket in the front that can keep your hands warm and hold small items. 

As much as we love a great purse, what we love even more is being able to go out without one if we want to and still have pockets that are part of our outfits and able to hold things we don’t want to carry in our hands. So here’s hoping decently-sized pockets become more popular and trend in 2023. 

There’s no telling what the new year will bring. Still, hopefully, it involves many more people feeling comfortable enough to experiment with clothing and have fun with fashion if they want to. So if you’ve been holding back on sporting styles and want to try, make 2023 your year to step out of your comfort zone, even if that means you’re starting small by wearing the items in your own home before you take them out into the world. 

We look forward to seeing what trends emerge, which ones peter out, which stick around long-term, and what pieces many gravitate toward as their new favorites.