Best dishes to try in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps with streets that are bustling at all times. Is it really a surprise then, how the street food in the city is absolutely immaculate? Whether you’re looking for something hot & spicy or filling or just comforting – Mumbai has it all! Let us talk about some of these iconic foods that are very popular in the city. Click here to know the Gold Rate Today in Pune.

Here are some of the best dishes to try in Mumbai:

Vada Pav

The beaches in Mumbai simply aren’t the same without a Vada Pav in one’s hands. These are Mumbai’s absolute favourite fast foods and we’re sure many would agree. What’s not to like? A spicy fried vada? Check. Fluffy comforting Pav? Check. Spicy and tasty green chutney and chillies? Check! Vada Pavs are the first item anyone must try upon visiting Mumbai. Know more about the gold sold in Mumbai. Click here to know the gold rate today in Mumbai.

Pooran Poli

Originating from a festive tradition, the Pooran Poli was made on Holi and Dussehra as part of the prasad in Maharashtra. Today however, it’s a dish served all year long thanks to the love it receives from Mumbai locals.

Keema Pav

Somewhat of a modification of the Vada Pav is the Keema Pav – created for those with a love for meat. Another variation of this is the anda pav. Both these dishes make for absolutely heavenly snacks on a rainy day much like their parent dish, the Vada Pav.

Pav Bhaji

Well, if it’s not clear by now, Mumbai loves Pav! And aloo Bhaji! Prepared in the typical marathi style, the Pav Bhaji is served typically with 2 Pavs, one steaming hot serving of Bhaji (made of steamed vegetables and lots of masalas), and lots and lots of butter. Pav Bhaji stalls exist practically in every corner of the city of Mumbai.


Though originating from Persia and brought here by the Mughals, the falooda today proves to be the most refreshing beverage on a hot summer day in Mumbai. Falooda is mainly made of milk, vermicelli, almonds, basil seeds, and topped with ice cream. If you love sevaiyya, think of falooda as flavoured sevai!

Kolhapuri Mutton

Though originated in the Maharashtrian town of Kolhapur, the Kolhapuri mutton dish has made its mark and name all over the country. So why would the food places of Mumbai be anywhere behind? Served in two variations, the Kolhapuri Mutton makes up the dish for the perfect brunch in Mumbai. Be sure to try it! mbai.

Cutting Chai

Why drink tea when you could get yourself a good ol’ cup of cutting chai? If you’re not familiar with Mumbai slang, you might not know what Cutting Chai means. Well, to simply put it – it refers to half a cup of tea. But Mumbaikars love to call it cutting chai. Over the years it has become quite an icon in the streets of Mumbai, with a quantity of tea that is just enough to refresh you.