Best Air Fryers in India

Air fryers are all the rage now because of their jam-packed benefits. Many say that healthy and tasty do not go hand in hand. Well, air fryers are the perfect solution to fix this conundrum. They are an excellent alternative to your deep-friend snacks. With air fryers, you can have any of your favourite snacks minus the unhealthy part of it!

Many of us are familiar with the exhaustion that comes with cleaning the oily surfaces and vessels post-deep-frying. This hassle along with safety issues is completely eliminated with an air fryer.

Air fryers are the perfect options to eat any deep-friend snack guilt-free. There are numerous air fryers in the market equipped with the best features. So, here’s a curated list of some of the best air fryers in India, with their features and benefits.

1. Nutricook Rapid Air Fryer

With a modern and contemporary look, the Rapid Air Fryer tops the list of excellent air fryers. This model has 8 preset options, making cooking an easy and timeless process. The NutriCrisp technology highlights how they make everything 80% less fatty! Additionally, the Rapid Air Fryer also has a preheating option which contributes to improved food texture. The basket is designed to accommodate large quantities and is also dishwasher safe.

Price: Rs 5,999* on Amazon

2. Wonderchef Crimson Edge Compact

One of the highlighting features of this Wonderchef Air Fryer is its compact and light design. It is perfect for small and compact spaces like hostels or dorm rooms. Its lightweight feature makes it easy for transportation or to carry around. Not only can you fry your favourite snacks, but you can also bake and grill with ease in the Crimson air fryer. A 1.8-litre air basket and an auto-shut-off option are some of its added benefits.

Price: Rs. 5,499* on Home Center

3. INALSA NutriFry Digital Air Fryer

Inalsa home appliances are known for their latest features and their top-notch quality. The NutriFry Digital Air Fryer lives up to the brand’s expectations. With a sleek design paired with an LCD touchscreen that makes it easy to use and navigate through the settings. Non-slip feet, cold touch handle, and a capacity of 4 litres are some of the many features that make the INALSA NutriFry one of the best air fryers in India.

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Price: Rs 6,641* on Amazon

4. Varada Max XL Air Fryer Oven

An air fryer oven is a perfect tool you need to cook, bake, toast, heat, fry, and anything you put your mind to! With 12 litre capacity and 18000W, it takes the cake as one of the best air fryer ovens on the market. Some of the other features of the Varada Max include the incorporation of the 360-degree air circulation technology and accessories that are dishwasher safe. With just a touch of any of the 8 preset options, you can have your meal ready in just an instant!

Price: Rs. 8,359* on Amazon

5. Kenstar Aster Digi Oxy Air Fryer

Sleek design, compact size, and a large capacity are just a few of the many features that give you the perfect value for money. Frying is not the only action this brilliant air fryer is capable of performing, but it also lets you bake and grill with ease. Non-coating air basket and 7 preset functions are some of the excellent characteristics of this air fryer. They also give you a booklet with 100 recipes or so, bringing the star chef in you out to shine!

Price: Rs. 12,799* on Flipkart

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*All prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers.