To optimize is to make something more efficient, perfect, effective, and reliable. We all wish to be able to get the maximum result or achieve the maximum goal using minimal resources. Be it in our workplace, business, and any other social responsibility that we undertake. 

In the same way, this also applies to our electronic gadgets such as our desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. In this our present dispensation where people are almost glued to their personal computers because of its usefulness. It becomes pertinent to look for ways on how to ensure that it gives us what we want, when we want it. 

So we look for ways to make it faster, effective, and efficient to enable it run many applications without slowing down. The college student wants a personal computer that can help him or her study online, do his or her assignments, browse the Internet, stream the latest movie, and in some cases also write and do some coding. Even though some of this PC (personal computer) manufacturers are striving on daily basis to come up with ideas and innovation, that can be put in motion to ensure that our smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, can be able to meet our expectations in terms of processor speeds, running different applications, having bigger memory and storage capacity etc. 

People have become very dependent on their personal computers, in helping them navigate through their daily life and activities. From booking flight tickets, to making reservations for date nights, to making purchases and payment online, streaming of movies, watching current happenings and event going on around the world. So this means that they desire PCs that can help them accomplish most if not all these at once. Individuals with older versions or models of desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are changing them for new ones simply because they want high quality performance and efficiency. While those that can’t afford new ones are looking for ways to optimize the ones they have for better performance and effectiveness. 

Optimization helps your personal computer to function better by clearing it of unnecessary files and applications thereby creating more space and improving its effectiveness. For most of that we always use the Internet, and can also optimize and improve our PCs performance by using a VPN killswitch .Continual usage of your PCs without looking for ways of optimizing it only slows down your PC. If u want your PC to be able to run different applications and software at the same time with greater speed, then is pertinent to always optimize them. 

To better illustrate what we are discussing so that we can appreciate the usefulness of optimization. Let’s imagine that your PC is a human body that needs good diet, exercise and proper medications and checkups to ensure that the body functions effectively. If the body is not given this basic things, you would agree with me that it would not function at its optimal level.  In the same way if you continuously use your PC always without figuring out ways of optimizing them, you are unknowingly reducing the productivity level of your PCs. 

You can optimize your PC manually or by installing a software to do that for you. Installing software and applications to optimize your PC is actually good, the only down size to it is that u would have to either buy them directly from vendors or you keep on updating them which most of us might find to be stressful.

With all these being said most of us will be wondering how we can actually optimize our PCs performance? Well if u is in this category, you have no need to worry because we will be discussing few automatic features that can help optimize your PC performance and the include the following.

  • RESTART YOUR DEVICE: Restarting your device is one sure way of automatically improving and optimizing your PC for better performance. This is because when you put off your PC, all programs running in the background will be shot down. This clears your PC of all stored files and data that slows it down.
  • DISABLE BACKGROUND APPS: Sometimes you will find out that some applications are always running in the background even when you’re not using them. This slows down your PC performance, so ensure you figure out those applications and disable them.
  • UNINSTALL NON-ESSENTIAL APPS: Most tines new PC are flooded with unnecessary applications that you might not use or need. These applications occupy space in the hard drive which slows them the PC and also occupy the spaces for essential apps.
  • INSTALL ONLY NECESSARY APPS: Crowding your hard drive with unnecessary apps will only slow it down so ensure you install only the apps you need.
  • CLEAR THE HARD DRIVE SPACE: Be it SSD or HDD it is very important to free up space in the hard drive. It increases PCs performance 
  • PERFORM MALWARE SCAN: It is very important to always perform malware scan to check for virus and spyware that could be slowing down your PC performance 
  • UPDATE YOUR APPLICATIONS: Updating your applications helps your PC function at optimal speed.
  • INSTALL ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE: Antivirus detects spyware and virus in real time thereby preventing them from slowing your PC performance.  Ensure you install an antivirus for optimal performance.