Australia, where gaming has become a way of life

Whenever we think about Australia, conjuring up images of iconic urban landmarks and places of spectacular natural wonder, not to mention the vast size of the country itself. The people of this nation are fiercely proud of the place they call home, the place where they work hard and look forward to any opportunities to entertain themselves.

For these reasons it’s hardly surprising to discover that entertainment is high on the list of priorities for many Australians, eager to maximise the pleasure they game from hobbies and activities they pursue.

But did you know that Australia is now considered to be a nation of gamers? It’s true, and the people Down Under have widely embrace the technological marvels of the digital age, keen to broaden their entertainment horizons and thoroughly enjoy every moment of their gaming interests.

Amazing Aussie Gaming Statistics

Statistics have shown that over the last decade or so, the popularity of gaming has risen exponentially. Indeed, surveys conducted in 2023 indicate that 81% of the Australian population recognise themselves as gamers, and that’s across all age demographics.

While playing video games for leisure has often been associated with younger people, any such generalisation is actually a misconceived notion. Based on the Australia Plays report published in 2023 by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), the average age of modern gamers is 35 years, and that continues to rise. Adults now account for the vast majority of gamers, squashing any thoughts about this being an activity just for kids.

Intriguingly, while 79% of Australian gamers are aged 18 and above, there’s a growing number of people aged 65 or beyond who thoroughly enjoy playing games. Many cite the key benefits including the sensation or being challenged and improving their mental health.

Overall, fun is naturally the most appealing reason for playing games, according to 93% of survey respondents, while 90% say that gaming is a great way to relax and destress. In this regard, 91% of Aussies are confident that gaming creates feelings of enjoyment, and 82% even went so far as to say this activity brings joy to their lives.

The people of Australia enjoy variety

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of modern gaming is the huge diversity and choice available, covering practically every niche of our interests. We all have our own particular favourite genres and styles of gaming, but what do Australians most enjoy?

Well, this can often depend on the platform or mediums of engagement, given that we have everything from PC and console to mobile to choose from these days, plus the opportunity to play online or offline.

One particular niche that’s outperforming all others is iGaming, which is based around online betting and wagering. This also explains why Australians regularly visit casino sites, where they check the best online pokies to play for real money. In fact, just like mainstream video gaming, iGaming engages and entertains 81% of the population Down Under, and that’s an incredible statistic.

While in mainstream gaming spheres, action and adventure tend to be the most popular genres in terms of gameplay, within iGaming circles, online pokies have become something of a national phenomenon. Mostly because there are spinning reels that appeal to every kind of interest, offering huge variety.

Australians are great at making wonderful games

Despite the global financial crisis of 2008 almost decimating the games industry in Australia, the people of this country are nothing if not resilient. From the ashes of a global meltdown, they planted the seeds of what has become a thriving indie games development scene.

Over the last few years, games made by small and independent studios have generated remarkable success, whether the gold standard for quality is measured by sales or awards. Such is the level of recognition; Australia has become something of a global hub for gaming innovation and creativity.

Looking to the future with optimism seems to be deeply ingrained in Aussie culture, and that’s pretty evident in the games industry here, which is already planning years ahead towards the next generations for this thrilling entertainment medium.